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Email Tracking: How To Track Email Opens And Click In Gmail

Email Tracking: Most of us had the experience of sending an email and were eagerly waiting for a response, but completely unaware, the recipient opened it and read it. There is only one good way to remove all this Email tracking ambiguity. This article will show you how to easily track your email in Gmail. If you wait a while, you may be tempted to send a response. But how soon, too soon?

What if they read it but have not responded yet and the second email becomes redundant? Email is a tracking method when the recipient opens the email you sent and allows you to make informed and informed business decisions. Get real-time information about who reads your emails and who ignores you.

Can You Track Emails From Gmail?

Yes, you can. Right Inbox now offers email tracking functionality in Gmail.

  • With our email tracking feature, you can track and track:
  • when your emails are open
  • what time were they open
  • What devices have your recipients opened them on?
  • Open email location and connected IP address
  • Any link that is clicked in the body of the email.

These are all the features you’d expect from email tracking software directly in Gmail.

How to Track Gmail Opens and Clicks

  1. Allow this feature by clicking the eye icon at the bottom of the Gmail Compose window.
  2. Choose whether you want to track email openings, clicks, or both. This is done in the pop-up window that you see in the image below.
  3. View real-time notifications in the lower-left corner of the Compose window.
  4. Tap the folder containing the sent messages and hover your mouse over the checkmark to see how many times the email was opened. You can also see where it’s open and how many devices.
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Email tracking is one of our personal supporters. Wherever we are email followers, we have decided to move 5 credit cards over the course of another period. To download from Google Chrome Store.

How Does Email Tracking Work?

Often, the software tracks emails by attaching a small pixel image that is hidden to the receiver. When the email is opened, the image is downloaded from the server and this information is saved. The sender then determines that his email has been opened.

The Benefits of Email Tracking?

There are several benefits to tracking email openings:

  • This obviates the need for follow-up emails – you already know whether the recipient has opened your email.
  • If recipients don’t open your email all the time, you might want to reduce their number in the future.
  • Real-time tracking? When you know the recipient is in their inbox, you can send additional emails.
  • If you know that someone has opened your letter several times in a day, they will probably be interested in what you write to them. Then you can hit the iron while it’s hot.

Benefits of Email Tracking for Business

There’s no denying the huge impact email can have on your business. Email marketing offers an average ROI of 4,300% and is especially useful when targeting new customers. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why you are most likely not to see much return on investment. First, your emails probably don’t reach their inbox, and you probably won’t be able to trace them if you don’t track them.

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Your email ROI is 100% deliverable. It is imperative to find out if your emails have bounced from the recipient’s email provider or are marked as spam. As you expand your pipeline, email tracking also helps you make better business decisions. Knowing key factors, such as when your recipients opened the email, how often and with what content they interacted with, can help you personalize your responses and optimize the frequency of your email campaign.

What Kind of Information Is Tracked?

It depends on which service you are using, but most often the following information is tracked:

  • Email opens and opens count
  • Taps on the link in the body of the email.
  • The time of day when emails are opened
  • email opening tools
  • Location of an open email
  • recipient IP address

How To Increase Your Business With Email Tracking

The value of email tracking is viewing results in real-time. Timely data means you can make on-the-spot decisions that increase your chances of closing a deal, booking an appointment, or just starting a conversation. In addition to information about who opened it and when, you get useful information, such as what device they’re using, whether they clicked on a link to your merchant deck, landing page, or custom offer.

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Send Your First Tracked Email

Raise your hand to start a conversation. If you don’t start emailing, you won’t have the data to work with. Customize your original email to improve your chances of getting a response. Make it relevant, concise, personalize it as much as possible, and make your call to action clear and concise.

Prioritize Your Activity

Chances are, you feel like there is not enough time to work on the workday. With email tracking, you can prioritize your most popular leads to make sure the time you have is more efficient. You know which potential customers are interested based on their interactions with your email. The search is just starting. Repeatedly opening or clicking a link is a type of conversation that indicates they are interested and deserve priority for follow-up.

Optimize Your Follow-Ups

Email tracking can help you send more effective follow-up actions. Replying to an open email is not the same as replying to something that hasn’t been touched. You can customize how often certain emails are sent based on whether a previous email you sent was opened and replied to or a specific link was clicked on. If they have opened and engaged with your email, you can set up a more personal secondary email.

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Clean Up Your List

Data tends to be out of date for many reasons, and updating the list regularly can provide more accurate reporting. Start by saying goodbye to the people who never open your emails. They can be deleted, or you can send one last email to say goodbye and let them know that this is the last message you will send them.

Take it a step further and use tools like Voila Norbert to remove any duplicates, filter out invalid email formats, and get rid of inactive, invalid, or parked domain accounts. The ability to track openings and clicks in email relieves the stress of uncertainty and helps you work more efficiently and effectively.


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