November 21, 2021


3 Essential Elements of Effective Global Background Checks

Global expansion is key to long-term growth, and technology makes this possible for organizations large and small. “Going global” isn’t just about selling products around the world; it’s also about recruiting, onboarding, and managing talent from around the world to contribute a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives to your organization. But global hiring is challenging. Differing laws, cultures, languages, and norms create barriers that can seem impossible to breach, especially when it comes to background checks. Worldwide pre-employment background screening platforms provide the following three elements essential to meeting these challenges:


Worldwide expansion creates administrative redundancies, which in turn create inconsistencies across organizations. When you partner with an experienced global background screening vendor, background checks are seamlessly integrated into existing platforms regardless of their location. Global screening providers have the skills, manpower, and technology to manage the intricacies of operating in multiple markets while providing a single, uniform interface to all users. Whether you’re hiring someone in California, London, or Singapore, your process will be the same. This level of consistency eliminates headaches for HR and other managers involved with hiring and provides protection against litigation. Yes, the process of collecting background check information differs from country to country, but that’s for your screening partner to worry about. From where you sit, requesting a background check for a candidate in the US shouldn’t look or feel much different than for a candidate overseas. And the results should be just as consistent—safe hires anywhere in the world.

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Just like a finely tailored suit can be altered to fit you like a glove, background screening programs can be customized to perfectly meet local regulations, languages, and cultures. Background screening laws are wildly different across the globe. A global provider will work with you to define and build a screening process to meet each location. In addition, the platform must also adapt to your business’s changing needs, growing and flexing right alongside you.


Effective global screening covers all the bases; providers must offer criminal checks, motor vehicle reports, social media checks, identity verification, and confirmation of education and experience. And it does all this with a single platform that’s accurate, easy-to-use, and consistent across locations. Using separate systems for distinct requirements costs time and money, two things your organization can’t afford when competing in a global market.

The Bottom Line

Effective global coverage meets your needs seamlessly and covers all the bases. Background checks ensure better hires at home and abroad.


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