August 27, 2021


WhatsApp Tracking Using AddSpy: How To Do WhatsApp Tracking

Whatsapp Tracking: If you want to track your kid’s WhatsApp chats, then you can use the AddSpy app because AddSpy will permit you to distantly track all WhatsApp chats, multimedia messages sent and received on the target phone. Instantly check senders’ names and numbers and other details such as time and date.

Concerned about your kid suspect social media activity? You need to be clear about what is happening to your underage children to avoid unnecessary harm to them. AddSpy works hard to bring you date/time stamps for all WhatsApp personal chats, group chats, multimedia, and chats with contacts in your AddSpy dashboard panel.

Why Want To Track WhatsApp Application?

Therefore! The popularity of social media messaging apps has caught on to the masses, but over the years, social media apps have put young children and even employers at risk who use mobile phones, gadgets, and personal computers. use them for corporate purposes. The equipment you choose to use. Like Computer vs Windows and Mac.

Thus, young children and teenagers who have cell phones use them throughout the day and are often harassed and bullied by cyberbullying. So, parents are very unsure about the safety of kids and teens and want to know who kids and teens are talking to on Android devices with WhatsApp. However, employers want to check the WhatsApp actions of employees using their own tools to avoid beating employees or doing something lazy.

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It’s Easy To Track On WhatsApp

Are you new to AddSpy user? That’s quite a good app. In just a few clicks you can see what you discussed with your WhatsApp friends and colleagues. And this goes better. You don’t even require a wired connection to use the WhatsApp tracking app. you read right. You don’t need to plug in your device every time you want to check your WhatsApp messages. Everything on your device is sent over the air and synchronized with your AddSpy control panel. As long as they are connected to the internet and their device is synced, you can see their WhatsApp messages.

Track Calls

Track every call received or made in the WhatsApp app with rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone. Track every call received or made in the WhatsApp app with rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone. All call logs are visible to you in the AddSpy control panel.

Read Text Messages

Track all messages sent, received, and even deleted remotely through the AddSpy control panel. Timestamps and recipient names are also available. You can track WhatsApp text messages without any jailbreak solution.

View Multimedia Files

Monitor all photos, videos, and photos shared via WhatsApp Messenger. Note: WhatsApp spy app monitoring is available on rooted and jailbroken Android and iOS devices.

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How Works AddSpy Whatsapp Tracking App?

Buy AddSpy

Choose a membership package based on your needs. Then fill the order form with your details. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with further installation instructions.

Install And Set-Up

Follow the instructions sent to your email. The installation process takes a few minutes. If you have any questions or need assistance, our free customer support is available round the clock.

Start Tracking

Once you finish the installation process, you will be ready to track WhatsApp media, chats, and call logs from your AddSpy admin panel.

AddSpy Is the Best WhatsApp Tracking App

If you are looking for a WhatsApp tracking software, then AddSpy is the one. That can not only show you what they were chatting with on WhatsApp but also when you want to search longer into their WhatsApp chats. That is because AddSpy also adds software that provides you to see their text as well as the conversations taking place outside of AddSpy.

Go Beyond Just Reading Their Messages

They know kids love WhatsApp because it makes it easy and practically free to chat with anyone with a phone number anywhere in the world. But do you also know that person likes WhatsApp because you can use it to chat through video and audio too?

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When you open the WhatsApp conversation window, you will see the phone and camera icons in the top right corner of the screen. You can start a phone call or video chat by tapping these icons. And because that is so simple to do, kids love using this.

If you’re wondering whether they’ve had a conversation over audio or video, an app for spying on WhatsApp messages could be the ticket. Specifically, AddSpy shows you the conversations they’re having, whether it’s text, audio, or video.

View The Photos And Videos on Their Device

Many people think that WhatsApp is secure. And this is largely possible thanks to encryption. And this is why users feel comfortable sending pictures and videos to their contacts, including inappropriate ones. If you are concerned that they will send sensitive material, such as B. Photos and videos containing adult content.

You can find out with the WhatsApp message spying tool. Simply log in to your Control Panel, click on the WhatsApp section, and in no time see all your messages with photos and videos you’ve sent and received.

Depending on your device type, operating system, and subscription package, and whether it is rooted, jailbroken, or not, some features may not be fully available. For this reason, it’s important to check system requirements before immersing yourself.

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What the Law Says About Using a WhatsApp Tracking Application

Are you worried about using the WhatsApp message spying tool from a legal point of view? As with any surveillance app, you should always check your local laws before downloading and using any app. However, in many jurisdictions, the law states that you can use the monitoring app without notifying the person you are monitoring if it is your child and is under the age of 18.

In addition, you can use a monitoring app for employees or anyone else if you have their explicit consent and they know you are monitoring them. Again, laws are constantly changing, so take what you read carefully. Always follow the rules and laws.


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