August 18, 2021


Jump Ahead in the Retail Sector by Owning an Instacart Clone App

There are leaders and there are followers in the booming business of grocery ordering and delivery. Instacart is the former because of its vast presence across Canada and the USA. The stats speak for themselves as the North American platform sells more than 500 million products across 5500 cities. The backbone of Instacart lies in its partnership with more than 55000 retailers (bakeries, liquor shops, meat shops, provision stores, and supermarkets).

Entrepreneurs looking to grow significantly in the online retail industry can create an Instacart clone app. They can partner with a top-notch app development company. Techpreneurs can quickly come out with Android and iOS apps, an admin panel, and a web dashboard. This will give them full command over their daily business operations.

How can techpreneurs get huge growth by owning an app like Instacart?

Increase in order processing volume – Instacart offers curbside pickup and contactless home deliveries for American customers. How does it handle the huge number of orders from shoppers?

The Instacart platform has joined hands with Fabric, a robotic software development company for automating order fulfilment. In the long run, this enables the online grocery delivery app to hand over products to customers in 30 minutes. Generally, Instacart delivery executives will source the goods from nearby retail outlets and warehouses.

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Accordingly, users get numerous advantages like the absence of queues, priority delivery of essentials, and sharing of alerts when goods are in stock at the supermarkets.

Swift partnership with new retailers – 2020 was an important year for Instacart. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of the grocery ordering and delivery industry in the USA. The Instacart platform expanded its business operations to new cities in Canada and teamed up with 200 retailers. Importantly, it kept customers satisfied by adding 15000 online stores. Hence, users benefited from a greater variety of choices.

Reduction in operating costs with technology – Instacart collects a lot of data from customers. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). AI studies the interests, preferences, and tastes of the users based on their ordering frequency and product choice.

Likewise, ML assists in decision-making based on the analyzed information. It makes use of patterns to predict the average time for placing an order, checkout time, daily sales, and the duration till which products stay on the shelf of a store. Moreover, Machine Learning (ML) optimizes the process of inventory management by sharing real-time notifications about restocking.

How an Instacart Clone App helps in minting money from marketing?

For instance, Instacart Ads is an exclusive program for brands selling Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) in Canada and the USA. Online retailers have to pay a certain amount to the North American platform depending on the level of engagement from customers.

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Besides that, grocery sellers get benefits like better brand awareness, greater sales, reports related to the promotional campaigns, and swift promotion of products in the featured sections of the Instacart mobile apps and the website.

Instacart follows the strategy of Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) for posting advertisements. Promotional content and sponsored posts are posted at 3 Points of Sale (PoS), Click, Cart, and Checkout. Further, the American online grocery ordering and delivery app will concentrate on adding new ad formats to impress smartphone users.

Likewise, entrepreneurs can offer digital marketing tools for retailers in their Instacart clone app. This will lead to the onboarding of new grocery sellers continuously.

Instacart has introduced an Ads API program for retail partners in July 2021. It contains options like category heroes for best-selling goods, digital shelf-space for displaying products, and the updation of keyword bid and Universal Product Code (UPC).

Brands can maximize the impact of their promotional campaigns by customized coupons and email marketing mechanisms.

Why is a Partner Pick option integral for Instacart Clone App Development?

Curbside pickup plays a critical role in Instacart’s lightning-fast order fulfilment. Generally, users can order products from their homes and select a specific pickup time from a nearby store.

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The online platform accepts the customer’s grocery order and instructs a delivery executive to source the goods from a nearby provision store or a supermarket. After a certain time, the shopper arrives at the retail outlet and picks them up from the store’s counter.

How is there a high level of efficiency in processing orders? The Partner Pickup facility ensures this. It divides all the customer’s grocery purchase requests into two categories (manual packing and packing executed by in-store order fulfilment executives).

Besides that, shoppers receive real-time alerts about the status of their grocery orders. Moreover, users will know the names of the stores and store executives. This avoids confusion and prevents issues like delayed pickups and wrong products from being loaded onto a shopping bag.

What are the top 10 features of an app like Instacart?

  • An advanced search and filter mechanism to locate goods easily.
  • Category-wise product segregation (alcohol, baked goods, dairy, fruits, household essentials, office supplies, seafood, and vegetables).
  • Easy purchase of Gift Cards for family members and friends.
  • Social network login options (Facebook and Google).
  • Live order tracking via GPS from pick-up point to the drop-off location.
  • Instacart Express subscription plans (monthly and yearly).
  • Multi-payment options (credit cards, debit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer, and net banking).
  • A Rating and Review System where customers can post their feedback.
  • Partner Program for onboarding new retailers.
  • 24×7 functional Help Centre for resolving issues for customers related to order processing, payment execution, refunds, and replacements.
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Wrapping Up

Above all, Instacart is a tech giant in the online grocery ordering and delivery industry. It will devote more attention to micro-fulfilment for streamlining its curbside pickup operations across several American and Canadian cities.

Importantly, the Instacart platform is not just a digital platform for selling products. It is also offering a host of marketing and technology solutions for brands in North America.

Several brick-and-mortar stores are also partnering with Instacart to broaden their market reach. This has given the American online grocery giant more control over the distribution of goods.

Therefore, entrepreneurs can turn into trendsetters in the e-grocery sector by beginning Instacart clone app development. They can earn unimagined returns in no time.


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