August 18, 2021


13 Things That you Can Do With your MAC System

Mac operating system computer devices are the favourite of most users. The high performance of these devices and the ability to handle complex tasks very easily make the Mac system the first choice for many users.

This article contains a list of things that one can do on a Mac system. The things or we can say tips which are mentioned in this article below are unknown to many users.

One can easily improve the performance level and the efficiency of a Mac device just by using these tips. These tips are very easy and simple to use and can be accessed by any Mac user.

List of Things to Do With your Mac System

This list contains a variety of different things that a mac user can do on its Mac system. The things mentioned below helps the user in doing the tasks quickly and saves a lot of time for the user.

1. Free up The Space Occupied by Duplicate Data

The first thing which you can do on your Mac system is to clear all the duplicate data from the PC. Most of the time this duplicate data is in the form of photos or videos.

To remove the duplicate photos from a Mac system one can use the best photo duplicate finder mac software for this purpose. This software searches for all the duplicate photos in the system and removes them with just one click.

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When all the duplicate data is removed from your device, you get some extra storage space where you can save your important data. Also, the speed of the Mac device increases after removing all the duplicate files.

2. Clear all The Junk Files from Your Mac system

Junk files and cache in a mac system hinders its performance. These types of files acquire the storage space and create some difficulties for the user to perform the tasks on a mac device.

To clear all the junk files from a Mac system user is advised to use some best mac cleaner software. These software conducts a scan for the device and searches for all the junk files.

Junk files are sort of temporary files created by the operating system for opening the applications faster for the user. When these files are created in a large number it may cause some serious problems in a mac device.

3. Reset your Password Through Apple ID

The security feature of the Apple devices is the best among all the devices available in the market. This is also the main reason why many users prefer the devices of Apple company.

Setting a password for a mac system is a common thing and is also advised to all users to set it. Apple is very cautious about the security of its device and also the company keeps on making advancements in it.

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If by chance you forgot your password for the mac device and got locked. No need to worry Apple has thought about it much earlier, the user is required to remember his/her Apple ID for this purpose. After that, the user can easily reset the password.

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4. Speak To your Device

The next thing on our list may be known to many users, but according to a survey carried out by the manufacturing company. They found that most users do not use this feature. The feature is speaking to the device.

Almost every Apple device comes with a virtual assistant named Siri, which is capable of performing the tasks with just the voice command of the user. This is a very beneficial feature as users are not required to type in this.

Apple is making continuous upgrades in this feature. For complex tasks, Siri requires an internet connection but some of the simple tasks like setting up an alarm, creating a note and many others can be done without the internet also.

5. Use a Split Screen

Performing multiple tasks at the same time is a command thing done by many users. To meet the deadlines or to face upcoming challenges, the user is always required to do multiple tasks together.

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The Mac system aids the users in doing it, the user can easily split the screen into two or more screens and can perform multiple tasks at the same time. If this feature was not available users would have to purchase an extra monitor for this purpose.

This feature not only saves a lot of time for the user but so much money that would have to be spent on buying an extra monitor for using multiple screens together.

mac split screen

6. Secure your Documents By Signing Them

The users of the Mac operating system are provided with a feature that they can sign the PDF files in the mail itself. This gives the user an extra security feature and secures the crucial data.

For this user is required to open the preview application and then click on the pen icon. Now the user needs to create a unique signature for future purposes. One can also change the signature when needed.

7. Create Keyboard Shortcuts By your Own

Keyboard shortcuts are the most important and as well as very beneficial for the users. As these keyboard shortcuts save time by performing the tasks quickly. Mac allows the user to create their own keyboard shortcuts.

To create a custom keyboard shortcut, the user is required to go to the tool menu of the device and search for the customize keyboard option. From there one can easily create shortcuts according to the requirements.

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8. Use Different Operating System

Using a different operating system on a mac device sounds unusual. But one can run a different operating system like Windows or Linux very easily on his/her mac device.

For this purpose, the user is required to create a partition of the hard drive of the device and also the user should have the installation files of the desired operating system in any external drive like a pen drive.

9. Capture a Specific Part of The Screen

Taking a screenshot of the screen on a mac device is a common thing, there is nothing new in it. But capturing a specific part of the screen is a new thing, most of the time the user does not require the image of the whole screen.

In order to capture only a part of the screen try using this shortcut Cmd + Shift + 4 when you press these three keys together, the mac operating system allows you to capture a specific part of the screen.

10. Customize The System’s Menu Bar

The menu bar on a Mac system shows a list of applications that the operating system thinks is useful for the user. Many unwanted applications are also shown on the menu bar and this could be easily customized.

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To customize the menu bar user needs to visit the System preferences and then search for the general settings in it. Lastly, click on the option to automatically hide and show the menu bar. From here the user gets full control over the menu bar.

11. Convert your Folder Icon Into Emoji

Bored of seeing the same folder icons repetitively and want to change them, then there is good news for you Mac allows its users to convert the folder icons into the emoji as desired by them.

Go to the preview settings of the Mac device and search for background image settings. Select the desired folder whose icon you want to change, click on the change appearance and select the emoji that you wish to add.

12. Use Spotlight To Do Different Types of Calculations

The spotlight feature of the Mac system is not used by many users. Although the feature is very powerful most of the users are unaware of it. The spotlight is capable of complex and difficult sums very easily. Also, the conversion of data is possible here.

Press the command key and the space key together on the keyboard to open the spotlight. All types of calculations are possible on this feature if a user needs to make a conversion between two currencies that too can be done in the spotlight.

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13. Rename a Bunch of Folders At Once

The task of renaming the folders is very time consuming and irritating for all users. That’s why Mac allows its users to rename multiple files and folders altogether. First of all, go to the finder and search for all the files you want to rename.

After that right-click on the screen and select the option of Rename X items. This will allow you to add the text, replace the text, and apply any format of your choice.

Final Words

Now we come to the end of this article, I hope the information provided in this article above will help you in some or another way. You might be familiar with some of the things mentioned above but there are also things you might not know about.

The Mac system is a complex device and also the manufacturer is adding new advanced features to the device on a regular basis. These features are developed so that the work becomes easy for the user and he/she can use the device without any issue.

Users should always be curious about the new features and always improve their knowledge by learning the uses of advanced features.


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