August 13, 2021


UI UX Design 101: What Makes a Great Website?

To make your website the greatest is not in your hands as you cannot force your visitor to stay on your site but you can use the functions trending now to make your website look more promising to the visitor’s eye. Web development companies are focusing on UX design.

The first thing to understand is what is UX and why it is more important now than before.


UX design known as user experience is used for forming a website based on the accessibility. It is just like designing a house you make a layout of everything like where the rooms will be, how many doors and windows will be there in the house, how much space every room has to fit all your furniture and stuff in. Same like that, user experience makes sure that every product and service that your brand offers goes well on the website.

You do not have to learn how to be a UX designer, you can hire web development companies for this job but you should have the information that what it serves to the website to decide what content and design will be best for your business website.

To understand user experience, you have to understand the user needs and what they experience and want when they browse through your website. What are the problems visitor faces in your website, what is their motivation, goal, and aim for scrolling your website? UX needs a very thorough research before getting into the process.

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The next step is to identify your content. What type of content do you have, if it should be trimmed and how much potential your existing UX has?

Then, at that point, it decides to make an intelligent design for the entirety of that content. Like an administrator, it documents everything where the target individual would hope to discover it while making ways for substitute excursions toward a similar ultimate objective. Great UX design thinks about the ways of primary, secondary, and surprisingly tertiary crowds.

The best results can get by adding features for the ease of customer like menus, CTA call to action button, chatbox, and order of content pages, etc. It is better to have a prototype checked first before making permanent changes.

UX aims to make the visitor’s movement on the website smooth and to make every piece of information reachable.

The more you focus on the usability of the visitor the more attraction your website will get.


UX design is very important for your business website. But why? What makes UX design so important. Continue reading for the answer.

UX design creates more sales.

There are many ways to attract your target audience. A visitor can come to your site by searching your name, form an ad, from social media, from the e-mail, from links shared by their friend list, or through any print ads. It is important to know what are the ways a customer is landing on your site.

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UX design takes care of these things and makes sure that every visitor coming on the website should have a smooth navigation process.

UX design impacts your goals.

Every business has a long-term goal to achieve and UX designs fasten that process. A great website has a smooth system to satisfy every query of customers.

Some of the UX features that impact directly the sale and credibility of the website are listed below:

Menus, CTA buttons, cart, forms, trust and content, reliability, and mobile mobile-friendliness.

Your sales will have a bad impact if any of the above-listed features lack in your UX design.

UX design affects the search engine.

Google is tied in with making its own user experiences. That is the way they rule the search engine. Google and other search engines endeavor to convey compelling query items positioned utilizing machine learning, AI, and normal language process.

UX design is being noticed by search engines. Even though a page’s title and meta depiction may be what acquires a click from the search lists, it’s the experience once the visitor lands that tells Google in case you’re a decent site and should rank higher for that inquiry or lower.

Some major parts of the design are to make sure that the site is fast or else the visitor will switch to any other site serving the same business and a fast website tends to be high on the rank list as well.

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Your site should be mobile-friendly, responsive, secured. The content and presentation of the site should be very compelling to the visitor’s eye. it should be accessible too.


Now that you know the importance of UX design, it is time to discuss the factors involving in making the best UX designs for your website.

One audience at a time.

A lot of businesses have more than one website that means more than one audience to please. It is not possible to create designs that satisfy every audience. A great website plans its content keeping only its primary audience.

Multiple ways to land on the site.

A perfect website has many ways to attract the customer and every way is thoroughly designed. A website should be designed in a manner that every visitor not only visits the site but ends up hiring the services.

Placement of menus.

The website menu should be in a placement that every customer should navigate easily. It should not be a hassle to find feature buttons on the website.

There should not be too many options for the menu, a concise menu is what a visitor finds attractive. The contents of business, the services a website is providing should be neat and organized.

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Plan your website’s content wisely.

Good content is relevant to your business and thoroughly planned. Relevant content helps your website to be on top of the search engines.


If you are thinking to redesign your website or trying to create a new one UX user experience is one of the most important things to keep in your mind. Web development companies have all the information related to UX and it is clever to hire them to design your website.


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