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How to Run a Successful Virtual Awards Ceremony?
August 30, 2021


How to Run a Successful Virtual Awards Ceremony?

The virtual environment is the latest trend among various businesses and event organizers. Although the choice of virtual venue was imposed on us due to the global pandemic, we very well understand that today, the market of virtual events has developed and is sure to stay even after things normalize.

Virtual award ceremonies are no exception. With the adoption of several digital tools and technical advancements, you can surely host a remarkable virtual award ceremony. 

We’ve curated some crucial steps that will help you plan even better and more successful virtual award ceremonies;

  • Have Clear Objectives

To take your virtual award ceremony in the right direction, you need to have a strategic approach right from the beginning. The definite goals and strategic approach will act as a roadmap and guide you on how to plan successful virtual award ceremonies.

Also, make sure to plan out your budget for the virtual event carefully, this will further help in choosing the right virtual event platform and determining the features that you would like to include.

Another crucial element is the date and timing of the virtual award show. Make sure to pick the date and time of your event wisely so it does not clash with any renowned events, and you can expect maximum participation.

Take your time and decide the KPIs of your event which you’ll perhaps track to gauge the success of the virtual award ceremony. 

These are some vital pointers that need to be determined before you start planning your virtual award ceremony.


  1. Pick the Most Suitable Virtual Event Platform
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We have multiple virtual event solutions available in the market, which is why perform thorough research and then choose the one that matches your business requirements. Make sure to determine a platform that leverages the most advanced technology, has a customizable interface, great networking & engagement features, and the skills to troubleshoot any technical glitches. 

Ensure to perform a dry-run with all the platform features, test system compatibility, and ask your speakers to do the same before the D-day.

.Also, ask your virtual event platform to keep a simple and user-friendly interface to make it convenient for each attendee to navigate through the platform. 

Another vital determinant is promoting engagement and building new connections at a virtual award ceremony. The virtual platform you select should be able to smoothly conduct quizzes, games, live polls, surveys, Q&As, and many more.


  1. Promote Engagement

With a virtual award ceremony happening online, the odds of attendees getting distracted are more when compared to physical events. Therefore, to meet the expectations of the attendees, you need to understand their viewpoint. You need to hold shorter sessions and include breaks to keep them energized throughout the event.

Include stunning graphics, animated light, or design a 3D environment to help replicate the experience of a physical event. To promote active participation, hold live polls with the names of the nominees appointed for the next award category, surveys, games, and Q&A. It enables attendees to connect and interact with other participants seamlessly.


  1. Make Space for Sponsors
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Getting valuable sponsors for your virtual award ceremony is bliss. To offer a beneficial slant to your sponsors, give more revelation to their logos through presentation templates, dynamic banners, sponsored games, or on-background visuals used at the virtual event. 

You can also add a separate section on your signature and social wall to display their content. This way, the sponsors will feel profited and will promptly sponsor for your future events as well.


          5. Make Way for Networking

Networking is an important factor that stimulates several individuals and sponsors to attend a virtual award ceremony. Therefore, choose a virtual event platform that facilitates two-way communication and includes notable features to promote networking.

Features like AI-based recommendations, virtual networking table, B2B meetings scheduler, and business card exchange functionality are great options to generate qualified leads at your event.


     6. Follow the Right Marketing Strategy

If you wish to spread awareness about your virtual award ceremony, then follow a decisive approach. Get your posts, pictures, and videos ready for various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that are sure to entice more people. Keep posting regular and periodic updates to grab the attention of the users. 

Make sure to create event-specific hashtags and post stories using the same. This will help maximize your reach to global delegates. You can also send emails to most likely attendees with the date, time, and registration link to avoid missing out on any potential attendees.

Prepare a compelling landing page that will undeniably grab attention and lure more people. Do not forget to mention the date, time, and registration link of your virtual award ceremony.


  1. Perform Live Streaming on Social Media
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Live-streaming a virtual award ceremony on different social media channels is an excellent way to generate excitement and promote your brand. You can select any platform like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to live-stream your event. Once you’ve determined the social media platform, make sure to conduct multiple practice runs before the virtual award ceremony goes live on the main day.


  1. Perform a Dry-run

Virtual award ceremonies are usually live events, that is why you need to perform a test rehearsal or dry-run to avoid any sort of unforeseen error. The dry-run should include thorough system checks, a retest of the virtual event platform’s features and innovations, your internet connection, etc. Consider checking the recognition speeches of the awardees to avoid long speeches as it might prevent engagement or bore the other attendees.


  1. Meaningful Data Analytics

With the right virtual event platform, organizers can maintain a comprehensive record of attendees, right from enrollments until the virtual award ceremony is over. The virtual platform provides valuable attendee data that helps in estimating the progress of the award ceremony.

Looking to host a virtual award ceremony? Get in touch with Dreamcast, a leading virtual event platform that excels in delivering life-like event experiences.

Best Virtual Event Platform Dreamcast is proud to Showcase Our Journey in the Virtual World!

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