July 10, 2021


Golden Milk: Properties and benefits of the Ayurvedic miracle drink

Some curiosities about Golden Milk , a drink made from milk and turmeric considered miraculous by Ayurvedic medicine and which is increasingly popular even in Western markets, always involved in the use of new products for solving problems.

For some years, certainly in addition to fashion, there has been a real ethical movement that is bringing in the beauty sector and in the wellness sector an incensing use of plant products that certainly have less risk than the classic products developed in the laboratory.

The huge increase in the use of cosmetics and beauty products has certainly led a range of conscious consumers to turn to the creation and production of drinks and products that can help our body recover its strength in the long period of stress that unites us during working days.

The same awareness that drives users to inquire about the various inci of beauty products on websites similar to this one , with an ever more careful eye on what we put on our skin.

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What is golden milk

The Golden Milk , or ” golden milk” , is a milk-based drink, cow or vegetable, and turmeric, in this case based on the intolerance you can use any type of milk, which is also goat or vegetable .

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It has countless beneficial properties for health thanks to the presence of curcumin, the main component of turmeric, the legendary properties are also listed by Artoi in this article , where the large array of benefits and beneficial effects that regular intake can entail is listed very simply. of turmeric.

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Turmeric is a spice with a versatile use, considered a true natural “elixir” by oriental medicine, but also an excellent spice in the culinary field that has found a host of admirers even in the best starry kitchens, which has now become a precious element for give flavors to dishes.

Even the legendary Sonia Peronaci (known face of Giallozafferano) has proposed on her blog at this link the recipe of the golden milk , a sign of a truly worldwide diffusion of this product still little known in Italy.

Properties of golden milk

Of course, by properties we mean the benefits that taking golden milk brings you in the long run, these properties have been noticed by the majority of consumers. To notice the benefits we will have to keep a constant consumption over time, in order to accustom our body to the absorption of the beneficial properties of turmeric.

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1) Anti-inflammatory properties

Relieves joint and muscle pain and ailments affecting the joints.

It lubricates the joints and the spine making us more flexible and, therefore, it is a perfect drink for those who practice sports.

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2) Antibacterial properties

It strengthens the immune system and fights viruses and bacteria in a natural way.

It is very useful in case of cough, cold, fever, sinusitis and respiratory problems related to infections.

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3) Purifying properties

Thanks to the presence of turmeric, Golden Milk is very useful for purifying the liver and purifying the blood.

It supports liver activity by speeding up the elimination of toxins and contributes to the purification of the lymphatic system.

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4) Digestive properties

Taking Golden Milk daily greatly improves digestion as turmeric stimulates the production of bile in the liver.

Helps prevent some digestive system disorders such as ulcers, gastritis, colitis.

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5) Slimming properties

Turmeric accelerates the metabolism and is a valid ally of our line.

Drinking Golden Milk helps maintain a healthy weight and prevent overweight and obesity.

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How to prepare golden milk

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Ingredients needed: milk (cow or vegetable), turmeric, honey or maple syrup.

First, prepare the turmeric paste by dissolving the turmeric powder in half a saucepan of boiling water.

At this point, dissolve a teaspoon of this mixture in a glass of hot milk and sweeten with honey or maple syrup. (Also wanting sugar, in the meantime, that you get used to the taste)

Golden milk must be prepared and consumed, its conservation is not recommended due to the deposit that is created on the bottom, in this case the turmeric that settles once our drink is put to rest, therefore try to make it in small quantities so as to consume it fresh and with all the beneficial properties of the case.

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