August 13, 2021


Which One Is The Most Accurate Calorie Tracker?

Watches that count calories are selling like hotcakes in the growing market for wearable technology. Modern technology has made it easier for athletes and warriors to learn their actual activity levels, get motivated, and achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

FitBit Flex

Fitbit Flex is Amazon’s #1 best-selling calorie counter watch. This is a classic calorie counter popular among users who are trying to lose weight in a systematic way.  

Fitbit Flex’s features include sleep monitoring and goal assessment, but nothing too fancy.

As well as making a great calorie counter watch, Fitbit stands behind their products. Flex is an ideal choice for those new to the world of wearable fitness tracking.

Polar RS300X

You’re likely to appreciate the RS300X ticker if you are looking for a calorie burn watch with all the essential rate and timing features. Other devices do not offer a better combination of functionality and user-friendliness.

Polar’s RS300X monitors heart rate, speed, and distance with olympic precision. You can track your progress by storing the last 16 practice sessions.

 Additionally, you can set up “personal sport zones” to guide you toward stable exercise at the right intensity. As a mid-market pick, the RS300X is neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Garmin vívofit 2

Garmin is a well-known maker of GPS products, as is the vivofit 2. Like its predecessor, the v*vofit draws on GPS technology. You can track distance, calories, or time using the technology. Over time, your personal goals will scale up to keep you challenged.

As needed, the v*vofit provides an audible alert that reminds you to get from your seat and move around. Those who work at desks and need a subtle reminder to stand up and stretch or walk around periodically may find this feature useful. 

Vivofit’s calorie burn watch boasts an impressive full year of battery life, better than almost any other model on the market. It provides a rich feature set for the money compared to garden-variety calorie burner watch models.

Nike+ FuelBand SE

Do you like Nike? For a reasonable price, Nike’s FuelBand SE won’t disappoint with its classic styling and a desirable level of functionality. Fuelband calculates your calorie burn rate based on your pace, distance, and laps. 

“NikeFuel” is a tracking unit that measures movement for all kinds of activities, as the makers claim.

We have to trust Nike on the accuracy of the data produced, since no one knows what goes into a NikeFuel calculation. In general, buyers seem satisfied. Nike+ FuelBand is a great option for active people who want something nice, but not too nice.

Misfit Shine

Made for the upmarket, the minimalist Misfit Shine is far from deviant as its name suggests. Shine features multiple tracking features, including a unique “daily photo food journal” that ties your diet and exercise goals together.

Its goal evaluation system is straightforward, with an elegant halo of LED pin lights surrounding the watch face that light up as you meet your daily activity goal: “motivation at a glance.”

It uses a battery that lasts at least six months, longer than most. The Shine comes in many beautiful colors, including the opulent “wine” and deep blue “storm.” The watch is a premium pick for those who want a well-balanced calorie counter that does all the right things, and does them well.

Timex Ironman Road Trainer for Men

With the Timex Ironman Road Trainer, you can find the perfect level of calorie consumption. During the Ironman, you can measure your recovery and peak heart rate, as well as how many calories you burned. Countdown timers and two daily alarms with auto-backup are also included. Oh, and it tells the time, too.

This calorie counter is accurate, unlike many others. The watch is engineered to eliminate “cross talk” and other possible ambient sources of electronic interference. Fitbit Ironman is like the Swiss Army Knife of fitness trackers.

Basis Peak

Although this is one of the most expensive trackers on our list, it may also be the best calorie counter watch out there. Basis Peak is a state-of-the-art wrist piece that does a lot more than count calories.

The Basis includes a cutting-edge heart rate monitor that does not require a chest strap to use. Different activities are automatically detected, such as walking, running, and biking. A custom “habit” assessment and automatic sleep quality scoring are also available.

 With the highly automated Basis, you can fully quantify and optimize your activity levels. For serious fitness geeks, the price may be worth it.

X-Doria KidFit

Kids will enjoy this one. A person who develops healthy habits early in life is more likely to stay healthy throughout their lives. X-Doria KidFit can assist. 

The slap-on, wireless activity and sleep tracker lets kids age 5 to 13 set their own daily goals and have fun achieving them. X-Doria brings this affordable calorie counter to the market that is USB- and smartphone-compatible.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is more than just a heart rate monitor! With GymLink technology, you can even connect it to compatible gym equipment and use it as a calorie counter. 

Other features include a heart-rate chest strap made from soft, comfortable fabric that conforms to your body shape. It is water-resistant and has a replaceable battery.

This is one of the most popular calorie counters you can find, with more than 5,000 reviews on at the time this post was written! It’s affordable, stands the test of time, and offers you a great deal. 

Jawbone UP24

Jawbone is a leading manufacturer of wearable fitness devices. As seen in the slim UP24 watch, the company’s secret sauce is its proprietary “UP” technology, which captures data about your daily activities and uses it to drive real-world progress.

The UP24 device comes with a “Smart Coach” whose main purpose is to motivate you to make at least one healthy choice each day. Jawbone’s tracker is sleek and unobtrusive in design. Jawbone offers real-time data syncing, deep and light sleep metrics, idle alerts, and compatibility with tons of third-party apps.

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