March 15, 2021


Game Guardian APK 101.1

Game Guardian APK 101.1

Download Game Guardian Apk Latest Version Free for Android to enjoy unmatched amusement. Enjoy tons of features it boasts of.

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Name Game Guardian
Updated Apr 3, 2021
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 101.1
Size 20 MB
Category Tools
Developer GameGuardian
Price Free
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As mentioned above, it allows you to make changes to content, especially to video games. With this, you would be able to get improvements and other advantages with ease. What’s amazing is that you can leave it to run in the background.

With Game Guardian, you can do so many things to other games on your device. This is the long-awaited application everyone has been waiting for. An example of the modification you can make include adding more lives to a different game you are playing.


What makes this Game Guardian stand out is the flexibility it offers to its users. It is important to note that with this app, you can modify the internal clock of different apps. This also includes the internal clock of the device itself.

Fascinating Features

There are so many features you would enjoy with Game Guardian. It is important to note that the list of features and benefits is an unending one. Some of the fascinating features you would enjoy include its improved user interface.

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The interface of every game is usually the first thing people look out for. Interestingly, Game Guardian utilizes an improved user interface. Another thing it boasts of is the flexibility it offers to users. This allows users to perform different things with ease.


For example, you can modify different things, as mentioned above. You can change the speed of the games you play and several other amazing benefits. All of these and more are offered by Game Guardian. It is worth mentioning that it was mainly designed to be a game alternator. The aim is for Android users to have full control of everything they use.

Game Guardian Apk – Latest version

Download the latest version of Game Guardian and gain full control of other games on your device.

Download Game Guardian [20 MB]


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