June 23, 2021


6 Ways To Light Up Your Date Night

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Perhaps you are too busy to fit a night date in your schedule. It might be due to your hectic work schedule or busy family life. Whatever the reason may be, prioritizing time for fun activities with your loved one is essential. Between a busy life and other commitments, a night date gives you the perfect opportunity to escape the chaos and focus on each other. 


Maybe you decide to book a tour, looking into Airlie Beach tours will not only save you time and effort, but it will also give your date night the edge where you can try a new activity, learn a new skill or allow for new discussions and conversations to occur. These activities encourage communication, build attachment, and help you stay connected. Frequent night dates improve your relationship’s quality, reduce tension and stress, and rekindle the romantic spark you have been looking for. 


If you are looking to embrace spending more quality and focused time with your partner, here are six ways that’ll help you light up your date night.


    1. Wine Tasting


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Adding wine to your date night is an activity you’ll fall in love with. Wine tasting allows you to relax at home and enjoy each other’s company. It is a romantic and fun way to sit with your partner and learn about the varieties of wine.


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All you need is a couple of wine glasses, some snacks, and beautiful music to pair with wine. You may also turn off the lights and use lots of candles to fill the atmosphere with love. It will help you and your mate to relax and unwind.   

To make wine tasting more exciting, you can come up with a theme for your date night. First, decide on the types of wine you’d like to bring, and don’t forget to add small samples of multiple variants.  For example, If you and your partner like red wine, try picking something exotic like a Remy Martin VSOP to have a blissful evening. 

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    2. Midnight Indoor Picnic


An indoor picnic is perfect for a busy weeknight when you are short of time to plan. It is a simple yet romantic date night picnic when you don’t like being outdoors in extreme weather.


The indoor picnic provides you with an option to select the most comfortable and cozy place as your picnic spot. Lay down multiple blankets and fluff your picnic spot with a lot of pillows. To make your indoor picnic more romantic, light a couple of scented candles, add twinkle lights and create a nice ambiance. Indoor picnics are more fun when you choose recipes that are not cooked often.

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    3. Camping


Camping in forest during night time

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Whether you like being outdoors or not, there is no denying that camping helps you reconnect and renew your relationship. Camping is the perfect opportunity to move away from stress to a place without distractions and relax by the campfire.   


With just two of you in the wild, you can enjoy alone time, explore new locations, and bond like never before. Camping also allows you to enjoy the night sky and share moments with your partner under the stars.


If you aren’t fond of the wilderness, your backyard is another option for your camping date. An advantage of backyard camping is that you can enjoy the privacy of your yard without fear of bugs and animals.

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    4. City Bike Tour


Bike tours provide a unique and adventurous perspective of the city. It doesn’t matter if you have lived your entire life in the town. A late-night bike ride with the person you love is pure magic.  


You can head out with your special one to your favorite fast food store, identify new viewpoints, or just feel the breeze on your face. A bike ride allows you to spend quality time with your companion while also learning new things about them.

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    5. Karaoke 


Singing karaoke is another date night idea that’ll add fun and spark to your relationship. It is an exciting way to keep your adrenaline high with the GetKush Online Store


You can challenge your date to sing and dance in front of a crowd or reserve a private room to have a one-on-one singing battle. It also pushes you and your partner to explore something new.  


Singing karaoke also enables you to sing to your heart’s content and select songs that reflect your emotional connection with your date. It also helps you deliver a message through your music and show your feelings. 


    6. Poolside Date Night


Camping in forest during night time White and brown backyard pool during night

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An essential aspect of date nights is to have the ability to spend quality time together. And what better than spending time in the pool with your love interest.


A pool-side patio is an ideal place to have deep, meaningful conversations or bring out the playful side of your partner. Engaging your lover in a pool game can form a strong bond and avoid moments of awkward silences. Also, not to forget the added health benefits of swimming. 


You can also create a relaxing mood with some gentle background music, candles, and a romantic dinner afterward. 


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Date nights aren’t a luxury; they are a necessity. Always plan your date ideas that celebrate relationship values. Regular date nights can add depth and happiness to your relationship. 


Don’t just follow the old ways of dating. Try mixing things up. Then, if you find yourself sorting out ideas for your dating night, you can always look up to this guide and find ways to enjoy your moments together.



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