August 3, 2021


Top 10 Plants to Gift to Your Mother

A day that, although it has become a commercial event, is basically a magnificent occasion to tell your mother all those things that you want to say to her, but that perhaps you have not said as often as she deserves. “Thank you, I love you, you are always there, you are my permanent example, I have the best mother in the world, you are a true friend …” Well, all these feelings can be expressed with words and hugs,  with smiles and kisses, but also with beautiful plants. A natural and decorative gift to show her how much you love her. And, as always,  we want to help you make the right choice. So here we give you gift  ideas to give your mother.

Aloe vera

One of the most fashionable succulent plants these days. And it is not for less, because aloe is much more than a beautiful, resistant and decorative plant. It is also a source of natural health, with numerous beneficial applications, as we tell you in this post.


It is a choice that never fails. An exquisite, showy and elegant plant. And with many varieties and colors, to get it right for sure. Of course, your mother will have to be very diligent in her care, because she is also a very demanding and delicate plant. So you can gift this plant is great option if you are looking for surprise gifts for anniversary.

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Aromatic plants

They are beautiful and decorative plants, they perfume the environment with soft fragrances and they also play an important role in the kitchen. Oregano, thyme, parsley, rosemary, lamb’s lettuce, chamomile … You can combine them in a pot or in decorative pots, for a more aesthetic composition, ideal for decorating the living room, terrace, garden or kitchen.

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Resplendent, beautiful and resistant, with an attractive annual flowering and very easy to grow and care for. It is enough with moderate and spaced waterings (never during cold seasons) and enough light. Plants always creates a positive atmosphere so now a day’s peoples are giving preference to gift a plant as a surprise gifts for lovers.

Top 10 Plants to Gift to Your Mother


It is an indoor plant with a very varied range of shapes and colors, always lively and surprising (green, yellow, orange, pink, red), which can even  occur in the same specimen. You will not find two alike.

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To finish with this top 10, a very evocative plant with a powerful symbolic message of sincere love and permanent care. Like a mother. It is also known as a symbol of feminine grace, subtlety and artistic merit. Symbols aside, its beautiful white flowers, similar to roses, give off a very intense and pleasant aroma that is a true gift.

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Water lily

Being original and getting a bit out of the ordinary, why not give an aquatic plant as a gift? Water lilies, for example. Your mother doesn’t have  to have a pond in her garden. To enjoy its elegance, its beautiful star- or cup-shaped flowers and its striking colors, a spacious flowerpot or other  type of container is enough, indoors or outdoors. So birthday surprise gifts cannot be better than this beautiful plant.

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Joy of the house

What better gift for Mother’s Day than a plant with this striking name … and so successful. A name that is not a whim, because in reality this plant  (official name Impatiens walleriana) is constantly blooming, throughout the year.

Amazonica alocasia

Another exotic and original alternative to give to your mother. With a great decorative value, it is considered one of the best options for the interior of the home. It has beautiful large, arrow-shaped leaves, bright and with an intense green color on its upper side, with veins that stand out for their whitish color


There are many species of geraniums, each with its peculiarities, preferences and care. What they all have in common is their exuberant beauty.  Its flowers can be of infinite colors (pink, blue, white or purple are the most common) and most bloom in summer (there are also those that do  so in spring or autumn).

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These are the best options of best plants that you can give as a surprise gifts and now a days this is a great way to make your loved ones happy by creating a positive and natural environment  surround them so surprise cart encouraging people to gift natural plants and start a new era.


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