July 23, 2021


How to sew in men’s trousers correctly?

The ability to “fit clothes” according to the figure, or alter them, adjusting to the new trend of fashion, has always been and will be very useful. Changing the size will no longer need to change the entire wardrobe. And a pair of good quality trousers that have gone out of fashion can be given a second life.

If the trousers are new and a washing machine is recommended for care, they must be tried on after washing. And if you want buy new and want to save money then try bershka promo code. Most often, in new men’s trousers, only the length of the trousers needs to be changed. You need to try on in a suitable pair of shoes and with a belt.

The easiest ways step by step

We sew in the belt within the same size:

  • first, it should be noted how much the belt narrows. It needs to be ripped off (you can not rip it off only in the area of ​​the fastener, this will simplify further processing);
  • we remove the excess fabric in the upper part into additional darts, or into the folds, if trousers with folds on the belt;
  • we grind the belt. The seam into which we remove the “excess” of the belt can be hidden under a belt loop or combined with the middle seam of the back halves.
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How to shrink pants by a couple of sizes

  1. First, you need to mark the lines of future seams. To do this, we put on the trousers with the wrong side out and mark all the changes with pins.
  2. Then you should lay them out on the table. Using tailor’s chalk or soap, mark the lines of future seams and sew manually with a seam forward with a needle.
  3. Turn carefully and try on. If you are satisfied with the result, you can flog.
  4. This must be done at all seams except the fly.The middle seam of the front halves in this part does not change much from size to size, and the processing of a zipper, especially for buttons, cannot be called simple.
  5. The middle seam of the back halves is sewn off first. You can overcast this seam both on an overlock and on a household sewing machine with a narrow zigzag seam, having previously cut off everything unnecessary.
  6. Sew side and step vertical seams. You canHow to sew in men’s trousers correctly

    overcast these cuts together if the allowances are ironed to one side. Or separately, if the treatment is “flattened seam”.

  7. The belt is also stitched taking into account the change in width in the belt. Often, the level of the bottom line also needs to be changed with such an adjustment.

Features of working with trousers with arrows

Arrows on the legs divide the front and back halves in half to approximately the level where the middle seam begins to round. All changes should be made so as not to upset this balance. To do this, the side and step cuts need to be sutured slightly and equally on both sides. With a larger change in volume, the arrows will have to be re-ironed.

How to sew pants at the bottom? Eliminating the flare

  • to overlap in this part, you first need to rip the hem seam;
  • as a rule, the expansion in this style starts at or slightly above the knee. We choose the width along the bottom: on fitting or according to the measurement of another pair of trousers;
  • on the table, from the inside out, mark the line of the future seam with soap. It will connect the mark along the bottom line and the point where the knee bevel starts;
  • having sewn the seam, the excess fabric should be cut and swept;
  • as a rule, the bottom line with such a change in cut also needs to be adjusted.

When is it better to reshape them altogether?

It is better to completely reshape trousers if you need to change more than two sizes. Such a re-cutting is possible with a suitable pattern. Your favorite trousers can be ripped open as it. But it must be borne in mind that when worn, these clothes, especially from natural materials, are significantly deformed.

When is the best time to do this in the atelier?

In the case when there is no proven pattern, and significant changes are coming, it is better to seek help from a professional tailor. Such an investment of money will save time, and most importantly, it will save you from frustration if an attempt to alter the trousers fails. An experienced tailor will not only adjust trousers to your figure, these “wizards” are able to hide figure flaws with the help of clothes.

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