June 16, 2021


A Guide to Building an In-Ground Pool in Your Custom Home

In Ground Pool

What’s the best way to beat the heat than to cool it off in the swimming pool in summer? In-ground pools come in various designs, shapes, and complexities. Moreover, each should be tailored to match each home layout and landscape, which is why great effort should be put into building one.

Thus, this article is the ultimate guide to building an in-ground pool in your own custom home.

The Main Types of In-Ground Pools

Before we head on to the step by step guide of constructing an in-ground pool by affordable custom home builders Dallas, it is important to know the three main types of in-ground pools that you will have to choose from:

Vinyl Liner

This is one of the most cost-effective types of in-ground pools that easily adjust to every size and shape. However, this type of swimming pool can get damaged easily, and you will need to pay a considerable amount in the long term for its repair. Thus, this type of pool has a much shorter life span, as compared to the two other types of in-ground pools we’re going to discuss in this section. 


Concrete in-ground pools have a much longer lifespan than vinyl pools. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to suit your needs and preferences. However, concrete pools are porous in nature, which means they will require regular chemical treatments and maintenance.

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Fiberglass pools have the longest lifespan as compared to other pool types. This will be comparatively lighter on your pockets, as the cost of monthly maintenance is quite low as compared to the other two types of in-ground pools.

Steps of Constructing an In-Ground Pool


The first and most crucial step when building an in-ground pool by custom home builders is to plan.

You will first need to plan and choose what to build, and what exact style and type of in-ground pool you want in your custom home. 

Planning will also help you know in time if what you want is executable. Moreover, planning will also help you know where exactly to have an in-ground pool in your home, and how much space it will cover, and its volume as well. You will also know beforehand the total costs that will be needed to build the pool, the materials, and the time period needed to complete it.

Planning will also help provide you with numerous information that you will need when building an in-ground pool, such as filtration, warming, and cleaning systems as well.

If everything goes unplanned, you will definitely find various faults in the in-ground pool which will be difficult and costly to fix later on.

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Prep Work

It is important that your plan fits with the local codes, as well as the guidelines, of your area. In simple words, you need to get approval.

Acquiring a permit will only be possible if you have planned proper safety standards for your in-ground pool. Some aspects you have to ensure include making sure the in-ground pool does not cut off access to utility lines, mark off work areas, and so on.


After you have planned and are done with the prep work, it is finally time to start excavating.

Excavation basically starts with a backhoe or other common digging machines that will help you dig a big hole. All this finishes up with old-fashioned shovel work.

Build the Structure

After excavation, comes the proper structure of the in-ground pool. You will need to construct frames if you are opting for vinyl or concrete liners. It is important to know that concrete fillers will require a combination of plywood walls and rebar grids as well. However, vinyl liners make use of wood or metal walls.

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Proper Connection System

With the structure and shape of the pool in place, a proper connection will then be needed for the heating, plumbing as well as filtration systems in the pool. A typical system includes a  pump and motors, a backwash drain, return inlet, filters, external drains, as well as internal drains and covers.

It is important for these systems to connect to different points in the in-ground pool.


With the structure in place and a proper connection system, it is finally time for construction.

If you have opted for vinyl liners, note that the materials will need to get attached to the walls of the pool. Remember, it is ideal to add an additional layer of either foam padding or insulation. A concrete floor will then be poured, which will be done several times in order to ensure a smooth and flat surface.

But, if we talk about concrete structures, concrete will first be poured on into the wall molds. Once they have set, then the floor will be poured. 

Hence, this step is going to take the longest time when building an in-ground pool.

Trial and Test

When the construction of the in-ground pool is completed, it is important to test the systems to ensure whether they are working properly or not and if all connections are in place or not. However, the components should be tested before installation as well.

 Filling the Pool

After all the steps are completed and a green signal is given, you can now go on to fill the in-ground pool. Here is when you should again consider running another test, in order to ensure everything is working and is in place.

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Ensuring Safety Features

Safety is highly important when having a pool in your custom house. Safety devices should be installed in the pool to ensure that the pool itself, and other family members, are protected when the pool is not in use. 

This is more ideal when you have children in the house and are at risk of falling or tripping in the pool. In this case, you should consider child-proofing the in-ground pool or fitting in pool enclosures.

There you have it. There is nothing more exciting than building an in-ground pool in your custom home. We hope this guide has answered some of your questions about building a pool in your house. We wish you all the best…

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