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Colorize Photo: turn black and white photos to color with AI - Latest Marketplace
January 14, 2022


Colorize Photo: turn black and white photos to color with AI

Different editing tools have their place, need, desire, and importance in the field of life. We have seen different trends on social media which grab the attention of teenagers. A few months back there was a trend of converting colorful photographs to black and white to enhance attraction. It is important to have a photo editing tool that can easily perform this action.


Besides trends, we also face situations in which a person needs to convert a black and white photograph of grandparents into colorful. For such situations, it is important to search for a tool that can easily convert black and white photos to full color without affecting the pixel quality. People pay a lot of money to photo editors and other websites.

If you are the one who is in search of a tool that can easily convert black and white photos to a colorful or a colorful one into black and white. The best option is Imgkits as it provides you with all the tools of photo editing including colorize photo. This tool is free and works on artificial intelligence to facilitate the person without exceeding the budget.

Colorize Photo


Imgkits is an online website that has different tools for photo editing which are professional and very latest. The best thing about this website is that it works on artificial intelligence hence it helps a person in the work.

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The steps that are involved in the procedure are easy and fast as the result would be in your hands in just 5 seconds. There are different tools provided to the user including colorize photo, background remover, remove watermark from photo, inpaint, anime filter, and many more.


All the tools are best in their corresponding field, it is a full-fledged package provided to a customer in the best way. The best and the most latest of the tools is a photo colorizer as it easily converts black and white photos to colorful ones.

How to colorize photo using Imgkits?


Photo colorization is an important and latest feature of Imgkits. People like to adopt different trends and it is important to have different editing tools that can fulfill the increasing demands of the users. The steps that are involved to colorize photos are explained below:


  • Write the name of the official website which is Imgkits in the browser and then select search.


  • After opening the official website a person needs to head towards the photo restoration tab that will be present at the upper part of the screen.


  • In the tab of photo restoration, there would be different tools including photo colorizer, image upscaler, photo repair, etc.
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  • Select the photo colorizer that would be at the first of the tools. There would be an option of ‘upload image’ below the photo colorizer tool option.


  • The system will ask you about the location of the photograph where you need to guide it.


  • A person needs to wait for almost five seconds and after that, the system will work on artificial intelligence and a photo will appear on the screen.


  • The edited photo would be in a colorful pattern rather than black and white. The image would be in PNG format and can be shared easily.



People like to follow different trends that appear on the internet from time to time. It is important to have a tool that fulfills all the needs of photo editing while working on a budget. Imgkits designed an online website that provides different editing tools including the transformation of a photo from black and white to colorful and vice versa.


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