March 22, 2021


Pics Art Mod APK 17.6.2 (Premium unlocked)

PicsArt Mod APK 17.6.2 (Premium unlocked)

If you are looking for the best all-in-one photo and video editor app, then PicsArt Mod Apk is the best app for you! Learn more about how to maximize and utilize this app!

Table of Contents+
1 The Beauty of an All-in-one App2 What Makes PicsArt Great3 PicsArt vs. Snapseed4 PicsArt Pros and Cons4.1 Pros4.2 Cons
Name PicsArt
Updated Jul 15, 2021
Compatible with Android Android+
Last version 17.6.2
Size 62.18 Mb
MOD Premium unlocked
Category Photography
Developer PicsArt
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Features+
  • Premium unlocked



If you’re like most people nowadays, you take pictures almost on a daily basis. Whether it be a special occasion or a normal day, nothing beats a picture or a video in preserving the memories of the day. Nowadays, most people also take up vlogging not just for the money but for the memories. But if you want to easily edit these photo or videos, you’d need an app like PicsArt to help you out.

picsart premium apk 2021

This editing app has gotten more than 500 million downloads in Google Play Store solely! This is one of the most popular editing apps to date and it’s still updated up to this day. So, if you ever want to use this app, this guide will be useful for you! Read all about PicsArt here.

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The Beauty of an All-in-one App

First released in 2011, this beast of an app has now grown into something else. It’s now one of the most popular editing apps around because it has everything you’ll ever need as an editing tool. Most professionals and amateurs believe and use this app to its full potential.

picsart mod apk latest version

With trendy filters, overlays and even the simple photo editing tools – this app can cater to all. Once you download the app, you no longer have a need for multiple editing apps as it can do it all. It even has a video editing feature that can compete with the top apps such as Kinemaster, Adobe Premiere Rush and more. If you’re more into collages, then you can also create one easily in the app thanks to the numerous templates available. Not only that but you can also get a ton of stickers and effects. What’s even more amazing is that you can even draw your own brushes, layers and other things! This app is truly for everyone to unleash their artistic and creative side.

What Makes PicsArt Great

What makes PicsArt great are the countless useful features it has. It’s equipped with everything you’ll ever need which is why most users delete the other editing apps they have once they’ve downloaded this. Don’t believe us? Here are its features for you to see.

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Complete photo editor – Photo editing apps have popped up several years ago. But one of the pioneers in this space is PicsArt. This app still offers a complete photo editing experience as users can easily edit thanks to a variety of tools present. Here, there are a lot of trendy filters you can get as well as an eraser tool to erase backgrounds. There are a ton of free images available you can edit or edit your own. Aside from that, there are plenty of tools like blur photos so you can get awesome results. Aside from that, there are basic tools such as cut, flip, rotate, crop and more at your disposal. Whether you’re aiming to fix a simple photo or an advanced one, you can do it all in PicsArt!

picsart mod apk free download

Badass video editor – PicsArt is one of the only apps out there that feature photo and video editing tools right into one app. Because of this, you can freely edit videos in this app from scratch. Add songs, background sounds, other videos and create stunning videos easily. Once you master how the app works, you can easily create trendy music videos that have glitch effects or meme ones if you like. Aside from that, you can merge videos together using the smart merger tool as well as create slideshows easily.

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Create awesome collages – For those that are only looking to make collages, this app has one of the best collage makers for you! You can freely create amazing photo collages with your photos in your device. There are a ton of tools to help you such as photo grid, scrapbook and a lot of frames to style your collages. If you’re constantly using Instagram, you’ll find the story maker to be a pleasant way to make your stories more impactful than ever. Impress your loved ones, friends and even followers with your sick editing skills now.

picsart mod apk 2021

Stickers for everyone – With a collection of over 60 million stickers for Imessage, you’ll never run out of ways to express your emotions! The huge collection allows you to make your photos more personalized and fun. There’s no reason not to create an awesome scrapbook now that you have a wide collection of stickers to choose from.

Hot effects – Aside from those above, you can up your photo editing skills thanks to numerous photo effects you can use. There are sketch effects, canvas effects, drip art and many more! You can also create a cartoon version of yourself and everyone you love. If you’re into doodle, then you can also create various doodles so you can increase the art style of your photos. There are so many amazing things you can do in here!

Drawing tool – The drawing tool is used to customize brushes, layers and pro drawing tools. This tool is loved by artists since it lets them create more artistic pieces easily within the app. No need for a third-party app when you can draw and edit in PicsArt!

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picsart mod apk

PicsArt Gold – For just $4.67/month, you get access to all the premium stickers, fonts, frames, masks, collages and a lot of other items! Plus, you get the app with no ads and exclusive content delivered to you for convenience. If you want to significantly up your editing game, then this is the perfect subscription for you.

PicsArt vs. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps out there along with PicsArt. But just how do these two app compare to each other? Let’s find out:

Filters and presets – In this category, Snapseed only gives you a limited category of 11 filters. Compare that to PicsArt’s unlimited presets, you can see the clear winner here.

picsart gold apk

Features – Both tools have all the basic plus advanced features you’d expect popular photo editing apps will have. But in this category, Snapseed has more editing tools under its belt. However, it’s important to remember that PicsArt also features a video editing tool!

Effects – Both apps have similar effects you can apply to your photos. So whichever app you choose, you can assure that you can create an interesting photo every time.

PicsArt Pros and Cons

There are plenty of benefits that this app can offer. However, there are disadvantages as well. Here are they:

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download picsart mod apk for android


  • A popular app with updated support
  • Premium unlocked
  • Features a lot of editing tools
  • Has a photo and video editing tool
  • Multiple collaborators support on a single picture to edit it in real-time
  • Free to use


  • Sometimes, the app crashes especially if the device has low RAM and memory storage
  • The PicsArt gold costs money to avail


What is PicsArt?+

PicsArt is a photo and video editing tool that has been downloaded 1 billion times! This popular editing tool features a variety of basic as well as advanced features for you to use.

How to delete PicsArt account?+

If you want to delete your account in Picsart, simply open the app > tap on your profile tab > select Edit Profile > Select Delete Profile > Select the reason on why you’re deleting your account and tap the delete photo.

How to use PicsArt stickers in iMessage?+

To use PicsArt stickers in iMessage, simply tap the drawer icon of iMessage in the bottom left > select PicsArt app and search for any sticker you want.

Where does PicsArt save pictures?+

After editing your photos, the images are saved in your collections.


Download PicsArt [62.18 Mb]


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