October 4, 2021


9 Tips for Student-Living Off-Campus

Living off-campus is always something so exciting. It means you get to choose which neighborhood to live in, select the lifestyle you want, and also get all the freedom.

There are several tips for living off-campus you need to know before and after moving into an apartment.

Tips to Consider Before Moving Into an Off-Campus Apartment

Do Your Research in Detail

Make sure you research the apartment that you want to settle in. There are many places to live in, but now it is your choice and the life you want for yourself.

Looking for a home is like looking for a life partner. It would be best if you went out to look at them. If you study at the University of Houston, for instance, look for reliable uh apartments for a hassle-free stay and go for the one that’s perfect for you.

After all, students check out off-campus accommodation options mainly because they need something more than what the on-campus housing has to offer.

Check Safety

You should look for apartments located in safe neighborhoods. Living alone as a student means safety depends on you, and now you have to take care of yourself.

If possible, look for a house near the school. This will enable you to make the most of your campus life.

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You must consider the distance between the apartment and school. Make sure there is reliable and affordable transportation.

Public transportation could be an option if you do not own a car. Even with a car, several charges come with it, such as parking fees, fuel, repairs, insurance, and registration. Just make sure you are in a position to cater to all these expenses.

Have a Written Contract

It is always a good thing to get everything written down as a form of an agreement. It will also act as a reference whenever you are not getting along with your proprietor.

Get renters insurance once you are ready to move in. It will cover you in case of any eventuality such as a computer being stolen. You should read it carefully before you sign it too and agree with the property owner.

Tips to Consider After Moving Into an Off-Campus Apartment

Know Your Budget

Apart from the rent bill, which is probably the most significant item on your monthly bill, you will also have:

  • Food – meals become your responsibility when you live off-campus. Consider where to get your groceries and how much you need for your meals every day.
  • Parking fee – parking fees will be required in most apartments for the convenience and safety of your car.
  • Security deposit – you need to be prepared for the security fee. You should include it in your budget just in case it is required.
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Get A Roommate

Living with a roommate means you have to share everything, including expenses, shared space, and probably there will be many guests. Well, it can ease the rent budget since you can share equally. If the apartment is spacious, you can have more roommates if you can.

However, if you treasure your space, then it is okay to live alone.

Pay Your Bills and Keep Track of the Due Dates

Remember always to clear your bills on time. Forgetting or not paying any of those bills will result in utility shut off, especially the electricity. You should be self-driven.

Be A Considerate Neighbor

Do not disturb the neighbors with noise. Even though your neighbors might be your colleagues, some go to work, and some do not like loud music. Also, make sure you know your neighbors well and interact with them.

Use Your Freedom Wisely

If you decide to live off-campus, you should use your freedom wisely. Make sure you balance your freedom and your studies. You will be on your own, and you can do whatever you want without being monitored. Living off-campus comes with a huge responsibility and a challenge to test whether you are self-driven. Remember you have all kinds of bills to pay and also attend school.

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Living off-campus is always exhilarating, with lots of freedom. One needs to be responsible. It also comes with challenges that need to be dealt with maturely.

Author name– Hannah Gilbert


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