November 25, 2021


Pass GRE Successfully To Get Into A Graduate School

Getting a higher education is important in the present days. Most of the students pursue higher education in different foreign countries. Business administration programs have always been one of the most preferred education streams which a large number of students take up to flourish their career. If you are planning to do a Master’s degree in the business administration program in the US, then it will not be an easy task for you. Students who aspire to become successful businessmen in the future should get good scores in the GRE exam which is possible through GRE prep conducted by the leading institute.

Peek Into GRE

If you are willing to learn the business administration course in a foreign country, then it is necessary to take up the graduate record examination. GRE is basically a computer-based test which provides multiple choice questions to the students. It is a standardized exam that is needed to take admission to graduate business programs or graduate programs on a global basis. GRE is administered and developed by testmakers to give the business schools and graduate schools the best students by assessing their qualifications. By conducting the GRE test, the business schools will come to know whether the students are capable of taking the MBA course in their educational institutions. The committees of the graduate schools or business schools will also look at your academic record as well as your GRE scores to examine your readiness for the business course.

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If you notch high scores on the GRE, then the chances of getting admission in the business schools will be high. The motto of the GRE is to assess the students’ command over algebra, arithmetic, geometry and data analysis. Your vocabulary in English will also be assessed in GRE. Most importantly, GRE evaluates your critical thinking, written material and ability to solve problems.

GRE Sections

The verbal reasoning section and quantitative reasoning section are scored on a scale between 130 and 170. The prime score of verbal reasoning is 151 and quantitative reasoning score is 153. The analytical assessment score is from 0 to 6 and the prime score is 4.0. In analytical writing, you will be expected to do two different tasks at separate times. First, you will be asked to analyse an issue which you will have to finish in half an hour and second, you will have to analyze an argument which you need to finish in an hour. In the analytical writing assessment, there will be an essay section where you need to articulate your thoughts on complex ideas in a proper way. You need to formulate a well-written thesis in response to unfamiliar topics. While you analyse an issue task, a topic of your general interest will be given. You will also be provided with instructions and you will be asked to respond to the issue. In the analyze an argument task, you will have to analyze an argument as per the instructions mentioned in the prompt. The verbal reasoning test of gre will analyze the written material as well as the parts of sentences which include concepts and words. There will be a reading comprehension passage where there will be more than one paragraph and you will have to provide an explanation on a topic.

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In the quantitative reasoning test, your ability to solve problems and your quantitative skills will be tested. The questions will be covered in geometry, algebra and arithmetic.

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