August 18, 2021


Get More Instagram Followers With Your Stories – 7 Ways To Make Your Stories Better

7 Ways To Make Your Stories Better – Get More Instagram Followers With Your Stories

When Instagram debuted stories in 2016, it was clear that it was doing so to compete with Snapchats growing popularity. However, since the inception of the Instagram story, it has become an integral element of the programme.

Instagram stories are used by more than 500 million Instagram accounts every day. Every day, Instagram users share over one billion stories.

Instagrammers that have mastered the use of Instagram stories provide users with an additional source of content as well as a method to connect.

However, you may be wondering whether Instagram stories might help you gain followers.

Yes, to put it simply. You can up your game and increase your social media marketing and business with an efficient Instagram story approach.

Understanding why and how to utilize Instagram stories to gain more followers might help you increase your social media image.

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Continue reading to find out why you should use the feature and our top seven Instagram story recommendations for gaining more followers:

Why Are Instagram Stories Beneficial to Your Profile?

Stories give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at people’s lives and the businesses they care about. Furthermore, because they are only available for a limited time, there is a greater sense of pressure to consume the content.

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Brand awareness and product sales can both benefit from stories. Users will be drawn to follow you if your Instagram story ideas are compelling enough, so they can consume more of your material.

They also pay off once you’ve gotten them to become a follower. According to a survey, 58 percent of Instagram users become more interested in a product or brand after seeing it in a story. The more viewers connect with your stories, the higher you’ll appear in their Instagram feed, according to Instagram’s algorithm.

So, while you figure out how to use Instagram stories to gain more followers, keep in mind how beneficial they can be to both your followers and your small business.

To Increase Your Instagram Followers, Use Stories.

  • Produce outstanding content
  • Use the highlights section to your advantage.
  • Organize a takeover.
  • Your posts should be tagged.
  • Make use of stickers and other elements.
  • Make use of Instagram’s analytics
  • Boost your numbers.


Content that is unique

Make sure you share intriguing stuff that people want when you post on stories. Your Instagram followers will not want to watch your stories if you don’t want them to.

There are a plethora of innovative Instagram story ideas to choose from, including:

  • Content that is unique
  • A few glimpses
  • Giveaways
  • Launch of a new product
  • Content that is educational
  • Series of stories
  • Product evaluations
  • Shoutouts
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Use the highlights section to your advantage

Don’t overlook the Instagram highlights section on your profile page while you learn how to use Instagram stories to gain more followers. These story highlights are pinned to your website and allow visitors to view specific information for up to 24 hours.

If a new user comes to your page and appreciates the highlights you’ve shared, there’s a higher chance they’ll become a follower.

Highlights Section


Organize a takeover

Influencer marketing is a fun and successful technique to increase the number of people who follow you on social media. It brings the followers of an influencer to your page and gives your viewers a new perspective.

It also allows you to see your profile through the perspective of someone else. This can help you come up with additional Instagram story ideas in the future.


Your posts should be tagged

Make sure to tag everyone, any brand, or any location you mention in your Instagram post.When you tag someone, they can choose to include it in their story, potentially exposing you to a new audience. You can connect with others in that location by using a location identifier, such as a tag. Don’t forget to include any relevant hashtags, such as location, product, and brand hashtags.

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Make use of stickers and other elements

Understanding all of Instagram’s features is necessary for learning how to use it. From GIFS to the superzoom tool to emoticons to the ability to swipe up for more material, there are a plethora of alternatives to select from. Take a look at the following Instagram story stickers:


  • Sticker for a quiz
  • Also Sticker with a countdown
  • Sticker with a question
  • Further more, Sticker with a poll
  • Sticker with the location
  • Sticker for chatting

To offer users something to click on, try an Instagram story poll or a quiz sticker. Create engaging tales with these tools to entice users to interact with your account.


Make use of Instagram’s analytics

Look at your data to guide your plan as you learn how to use Instagram stories to gain more followers.

You can look at your target audience’s engagement rate. This will assist you in determining the ideal Instagram story ideas for you. It can also help you decide whether you should construct a story template or turn a popular piece into a regular series.

Look at the numbers from other posts, such as Instagram live videos or Instagram TV (IGTV), to see whether they need to be included in your stories more. Consider the following questions: “Do short videos perform better than photos?” alternatively, “What is the most popular time for visitors to watch?” Use the information you’ve gathered and your metrics to make well-informed decisions.

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Boost your numbers

People will be more impressed with your profile if you have a lot of likes and followers. As a result, more people will want to follow you. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll notice a rise in those figures as your Instagram stories develop. However, if you’re still wondering, “Can you attract followers using Instagram stories?” because your techniques are taking a long time to bear fruit, you may require a boost.

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Final Thoughts: 7 Instagram Story Tips for Increasing Followers

You can now emphasise Instagram stories as an important aspect of your Instagram marketing strategy now that you know how to use them to gain more followers. Also, You can engage your users and grow your Instagram following with the proper Instagram story ideas.

You may utilize to bridge the gap and deliver Instagram activity effectively and efficiently while you design your strategy for obtaining followers utilizing Instagram stories.

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