July 27, 2021


How to do anonymous questions on Instagram? [Explained]

There’s a famous saying that if you want to know someone for their opinion, learn what they have got to say behind your back.  Likewise, if you wish to know someone more closely, like anything about their character, behavior, attitude and the way they treat other people then you should ask about it from people who are close to them. 

Instagram Story is revolutionizing traditional social media interactions. Unlike the usual likes, comments, and saves, the platform provides users with many creative new ways to interact with their fans through stories, including adding music, links, and GIFs. Asking  questions on Instagram and having fans ask you questions is a proven way to increase engagement. This is why the question feature in Instagram Stories 2021 is so powerful. It can ask your followers questions or invite them to ask you questions, and then just respond in a new story. You can also ask questions from users on Instagram with other stickers, like the polls or the emoji stickers. 

Doing something anonymously comes with its own freedom, you don’t have to reveal who you are and what your identity is. You might have heard of “Anonymous donations” over the television, the term specific to those people who have donated a large sum of money and wish to keep their identities very private for privacy reasons. 

If you have used Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, you might have an idea that there’s no way for you to keep yourself private from your Instagram followers, friends and colleagues. Unless you have kept your account private, your details and photos are visible to everyone. This is the very reason we call social networks a social platform. You can interact with thousands of people without even having met them personally. 



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Instagram privacy:

There was a time when the users could never hide their pictures and videos on Instagram. The network was all about sharing photos with your friends and family members. Now it has been evolved as a full-fledged networking platform where you can do much more other than socializing with people, sharing insights about the games, and teaching makeup tutorials. You can pretty much do anything on this network including promotion and marketing of products and services. 

When you write a comment on any profile page, your username appears next to it. If you have been posting questions, answering people, communicating with them back and forth, your username always shows on Instagram pages. But now, Instagram has launched a new feature that allows the users to ask questions anonymously using the question sticker. 

Asking Instagram Questions Anonymously:

The trend of asking questions from the users anonymously is rising with time. By using a question sticker you can ask a question from your followers, friends and loved ones. There was a time when you could start polls only just to see what people thought about a particular ongoing event or game. For instance to get an insight of people about COVID 19 a lot of influencers used to start a poll with three questions. 

When do you believe Coronavirus will end? 

1: 2021

2: 2025

3: 2030

The users of the particular page would pick any answer to help the influence decide on an answer that the majority of people believe. Likewise, if you are running a  page with tons of followers you can do “Multiple-choice questions”, and “Live videos streams” to communicate with followers to know what they have to share about anything you are discussing about. 


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How to ask a question on Instagram and use stickers?

Asking a question anonymous is much different in essence than doing a live stream and asking multiple choice questions. You get a chance to interact with your audience without revealing your true identity and that’s what makes “Anonymous question” features so awesome and amazing.  

You can ask questions on your Instagram story by using a question sticker.  Whenever someone replies to your questions you can view their usernames along with the answers.  In order to read the answers of everyone you need to create another story on your Instagram page.

Don’t confuse this new feature with the old one that is about regular Instagram questioning. It allows you to ask questions regularly but in anonymous questions the term “Anonymous” appears in the text section and it is what makes this feature very different from the normal one.

How to do anonymous questions on Instagram:

Some people believe that it’s just a prank that people are playing around. The feature of asking anonymous questions does not exist. It’s how you can use the page to ask any question and you can fake it. 

In order to make your question section different from the rest, you can make the box different from others. 

Here is an option that you can use:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and log in. 
  • Choose the sticker “ask me question”, it comes with the tag. 
  • Change the color of the sticker to make it visibly different and more vibrant than others.
  • For changing the colors you should click on the color palette. 
  • Since you need to fake it, you can add a false disclaimer to text to suggest that the answers will remain secret.
  • Post the story and wait for the answers


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Things to consider:

If you are faking Instagram anonymous question stories, you must consider a few things before you do it. 

  • Never post an unethical or inappropriate question to make people uncomfortable. 
  • Never use the feature to expose or bully a friend or family member.
  • Don’t use abusive language or mistreat people if they share their answers.
  • Don’t use upsetting and insulting questions to bring other people down.
  • Be friendly with your followers, friends and loved ones.
  • Don’t ask anything with the intention of hurting anymore.


If you are not the one asking the question anonymously but instead it is somewhat doing it, you should keep track of it. Whenever you witness about a question that you feel is inappropriate you can report it to Instagram so it can be removed from the story.


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