November 24, 2021


What are the Side Effects of Delta 8 THC in Pets?

A pet is like a family – you hate to see them in pain and will do anything to take it away. Still, you do certain small things that can make them suffer, whether travelling, changing home, natural calamity, deteriorating health, or injury. Although these things do not affect human beings, they can leave your furry friend anxious and in chronic pain.

If your pet is suffering from any such problem and you want to give them a quick and easy relief, thankfully, we have a solution.

You must have heard of CBD and Delta 8 given to animals for quick relief from joint pain, bone pain, and anxiety while improving their skin and fur health. While CBD is derived from hemp, which is not bad for your pet’s health, Delta 8 is extracted from marijuana which causes a high.

Although Delta 8 is far less potent than Delta 9, it still might not be so good for your dog’s health because it is typically consumed by people looking for intense relief. It is toxic for cats and dogs, even if given in small amounts. It is so because these animals have cannabinoid receptors in their brain, which makes them far more sensitive to psychoactive elements in THC.

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Possible Negative Effects of Treating Your Pet With Delta 8 THC:

Increases Anxiety

In human beings, Delta 8 THC is known for reducing anxiousness, but it is totally different when it comes to animals. Without any proper knowledge, some people give this compound to their pets, hoping it would lessen their stress, only to find them even more anxious than before.

Excessive Dizziness

Besides increased anxiety, THC may also cause dizziness in animals. It might happen because of dehydration, which is a common negative effect of taking THC in irregular amounts.

Erratic Heartbeat

Arrhythmia is another side-effect of giving THC to pets as it may cause inadequate blood flow, heart attack, damage to tissues, and even death.

Failure to Control Bladder

Animals having THC in their body have difficulty controlling their pee. Even the trained pets may pee around your place, thus increasing their stress level and feeling of shamefulness.

Makes then Lethargic

THC may make your pet lethargic and lie down all the time, which is bad for their health. You might wonder that lying down is not so bad, but it is when it comes to animals. Your pet might have low energy and appetite even when THC wears off.

It is challenging to escape talks surrounding CBD and THC significantly when their market is increasing. While many people give their pets small doses of CBD Flower oil, you should not give them Delta 8, even from a reputed brand. Initially, you might think that it is safe for them but can quickly become toxic.

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So, if you’re looking for a product that can help your pet enjoy their life for long, treat them with high-quality CBD oil with 0.3% THC or less.



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