August 10, 2021


Five Budget Friendly Vaping Kits For Beginners

Are you interested in vaping but are wondering where to start? Fortunately, there are several types of great kits available in the market. One only has to identify the best suits you depending on its cost and usefulness. However, before settling on a kit, you have to check different raise and compare the varieties available in the market. It is possible to get great bargains if you research correctly. Finding the best starter kit is among the good things you do if trying to make the switch from smoking. 


Below are a few examples to try. Keep reading to discover some of the best affordable vape kits for starters.


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  1. SMOK Nord Pod Starter Kit


When scouting for smok vape kits, price is a significant consideration. Therefore, you need to find one that you can afford. The Smok Nord Pod Starter Kit is a perfect consideration if you want to find something perfect and practical. It comes in a compact but pocketable size measuring 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm. The rechargeable battery is also impressive, considering its 1100mAh power. 


Users also love that it has a power outage of 10 to 15 and can work with direct voltage. The kit’s maximum capacity is  3ml and has a single-button firing mechanism. You are also likely to be checking out the safety features this starter kit comes with. Everything from the LED light bulb indicator and the refillable cartridge design with a replaceable coil system makes the kit safer. 


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It also comes with an ergonomically curved mouthpiece and other safety features, including 8 seconds cut-off protection, low voltage warnings, and short-circuit protection. If you want something that introduces you to vaping uniquely, you should consider choosing this unit without breaking your bank for it. However, check out the pros and cons first.

The Good


  • Portability
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Great vapor production
  • Good flavor
  • Good restrictive lung flow
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price hence value for money

The Bad


  • It can be challenging to monitor the juice levels.
  1. Geekvape Aegis Solo 100W Starter Kit 

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This is another excellent choice from a reputable manufacturer. It is a two-part vape kit comprising a Geekvape Aegis Solo 100W box mod and a Cerberus sub-ohm tank. Measuring  86.4mm by 41.2mm by 31.5mm, this affordable kit is very comfortable to hold and use. Surprisingly, this box mode enjoys high powered battery life of 18650 and comes with the AS-100 Chipset. It also supports different power modes, VPC Mode, TC Mode, TCR Mode, Bypass Mode, and many safety protections. 


Besides that, it also has a  sub-ohm tank that measures 25mm in diameter and has a maximum juice capacity of 5.5ml. This gives it a comfortable low-profile drip tip. The tank comprises superior stainless steel that works very well with a long-lasting 0.2ohm Super Mesh X1 Coil, which features a threaded top-fill design and a dual-slotted adjustable bottom airflow control giving you better control. There are several reasons why you should consider buying this kit.

The Good


  • Affordable
  • An easy to use the menu
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Excellent battery
  • Easy and fast power adjustments
  • Rugged and durable designs
  • Good screen size

The Bad


  • Better flavor
  • A little discomfort with the fire button


  1. SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit

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This is an excellent performing vape starter kit that works wonders for users who are new to vaping. It is easy to use, not to mention the long battery life of 3000mAh. Low resistance and short circuit protection are a plus for new users who may still be trying to figure things out. 


Its sleek stainless steel exterior makes it durable and aesthetically pleasing, which means that you will feel comfortable using it in public. It also has an adjustable massive air control at the bottom, allowing for smooth hits, not to mention the great flavors. Some of the advantages of this kit include:

The Good


  • It offers a great flavor.
  • Very easy to use
  • It comes with an excellent battery life
  • It has a large e-liquid capacity
  • Has a good cloud production
  • Offers excellent value for money

The Bad


  • The performance may reduce with battery life
  • It comes with an extensive stick system


  1. Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit

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This is excellent for anyone seeking a small but practical and effective vaping kit. It may be small, but that does not make it any less powerful. It is very effective and is of excellent quality. Anyone who cares for aesthetics will love the fact that this unit is robust and sturdy. It is easy to use with simple installation and removal. 


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This kit has a huge tank with a plug-and-play coil system that any newbie can learn. The 2000mAh battery is large enough, making it convenient since you do not have to buy an extra battery to enjoy prolonged vaping sessions. 

  1. Voopoo Argus GT 160W


The Voopoo Argus GT 160W is an excellent choice for beginners because of its guaranteed simplicity. While it may be familiar to someone who has used this mod before, it is still simple for beginners. You may have to use two different batteries; the good thing is that it offers you a lot of flexibility, especially if you will be out of the house for a long time. In addition, it has a maximum power output of 160 watts which makes it even more powerful. Users also benefit from temperature control which is guaranteed by the unit’s style.

Final Thoughts


Choosing a suitable vape kit for a beginner is not difficult. However, there are several things one ought to consider before making a final decision. The market is flooded with different kits for newbies. However, quality and cost may be hindrances to choosing premium vape kits for beginners. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on a vaping kit when beginning. In fact, with proper research and a bit of comparison, you can end up with an excellent vaping kit at a fraction of the premium price. 


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