September 22, 2021


Unlock PDFs Permanently in 4 Easy Steps with PDFBear

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a preference when sharing files over the Internet. PDF documents appear precisely the same regardless of what device and where they are viewed on. They also don’t require any kind of unique software application. You can even use your web browser to read their content!

Aside from being literally portable, one excellent feature of PDFs is that they offer superb security. You can encrypt them with passwords and even attain some level of control over your files across computers. As such, you can ensure confidentiality of their contents, given that only your recipient knows of the password.

If you have sent and received PDF files that are password-protected, you might want to remove the encryption permanently for some reason. Here’s how you can unlock your PDF files once and for all easily.

Remove your PDF passwords for free with PDFBear

A notable thing that we can point out today is the abundance of powerful tools on the web. We can do many things more conveniently without having to always undergo complicated processes. One of these excellent devices is PDFBear’s Unlock PDF. You can use this tool to remove your PDF passwords easily and quickly without any expense!

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Expect that it wouldn’t take you hours or even longer periods just to unlock your PDFs permanently. This PDF unlocker isn’t popular and recommended for no reason after all. You can even finish the process in as fast as two minutes, given that you have a stable connection to the internet. Here’s how to use PDFBear’s Unlock PDF.

  1. Go to the tool’s website, then select and upload your PDF from the storage.
  2. Type in the password once prompted.
  3. Click “Unlock PDF.”
  4. The tool will decrypt your file. Once finished, you can now download and work with your file.

No installation required

You can look forward to a quick and seamless PDF unlocking process. Everything occurs on the cloud, so there is absolutely no need for any kind of software installation. As an online web service, all you have to do is go online, launch your web browser, go to PDFBear’s Unlock PDF, and proceed with removing your PDF passwords permanently.

Works everywhere

This tool has universal platform compatibility. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, it wouldn’t matter if you were to use your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. There’s no need to worry about the operating systems and web browsers that you use. It works everywhere!

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Superb security

You would definitely ask about how secure the tool is. You don’t have to hold some reservations in this regard because PDFBear’s Unlock PDF employs standard encryption techniques. Trust that no other person gains unauthorized access to your files. Also, keep in mind that all files uploaded will be used only for the intended purpose, and will be deleted after sixty minutes.

Can I unlock every PDF file?

The majority of PDFs would be unlocked. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you can remove the encryption of all PDFs because of the varying types of passwords. Expect that in some instances, you might have to type in the owner password to save the specification permanently. If you aren’t much aware of types of passwords, then here’s a brief introduction for you.

The first type is the user password. Its primary function is to open your PDF file and let the person view the contents. The other type is the master or permissions password. This one allows you to have some leverage over your PDFs. For instance, you can disallow printing and editing, which will help prevent leaving physical copies of and making changes to the file.

Why unlock your PDFs permanently?

In all honesty, the reasons to do so vary greatly. Some people do it for convenience, while some may have personal reasons. Let’s stress the convenience that it brings about. Usually, a prompt will pop out on your screen that asks for the password of your PDF. You would enter it and click the appropriate button. After that, you can view and work with the contents of the file.

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Doing these steps once isn’t tiring and still manageable. However, imagine doing so every time you want to view the PDF. Such a situation is possible since there could be time constraints due to your schedule. What you can do is to remove the password permanently, simultaneously removing the need for typing in the password in the future.


People encrypt their PDF files before sending them to their recipients to prevent information leaks and uphold confidentiality. After all, their files might contain sensitive information that, when leaked, might incur liabilities. Nonetheless, these passwords can be a hassle for some at certain times. You can remove them permanently by visiting PDFBear’s Unlock PDF today. Try it out for yourself!


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