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Uncovering the Wealth of Harry Gribbon: How rich is he?


If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood movies, you might have heard of Harry Gribbon. He was a versatile actor and comedian who performed in more than 200 films during the silent and early talkie eras. While his name might not be as well-known as Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton, he was an integral part of the entertainment industry during its golden age. But have you ever wondered how much wealth Harry Gribbon accumulated during his career? Let’s explore the different aspects of Harry Gribbon’s career and life to uncover his wealth.

Early Career

Harry Gribbon was born in Ohio in 1885. He started his career in show business as a vaudeville performer. Vaudeville was a popular form of entertainment that consisted of a variety of acts, such as comedians, singers, dancers, and acrobats. Harry Gribbon performed in different vaudeville shows in the early 1900s, developing his talent as a comedian. He then joined the Keystone Company, a movie studio founded by Mack Sennett in 1912. At Keystone, Harry Gribbon acted in several short comedies alongside stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, and Fatty Arbuckle.

Keystone Era

At Keystone, Harry Gribbon became known for his versatility and physical comedy skills. He appeared in various roles, from a villainous cop to a bumbling detective. He also worked as a director and writer for some of the Keystone comedies. His work at Keystone contributed to the development of slapstick comedy, a style that relied on physical stunts and gags to create humor. Harry Gribbon’s talent and contribution to Keystone’s success highlights his importance in the history of Hollywood.

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After Keystone, Harry Gribbon continued to act in comedies for different studios. Some of his notable appearances include “Safety Last!” (1923) with Harold Lloyd, “The Gold Rush” (1925) with Charlie Chaplin, and “The Phantom of the Opera” (1925) with Lon Chaney. He also acted in several sound movies in the 1930s, such as “Hell’s Angels” (1930) and “You’re Telling Me!” (1934). Harry Gribbon’s longevity in the industry is a testament to his talent and versatility.

Earnings and Net Worth

It’s difficult to estimate Harry Gribbon’s net worth, as financial records from that era are scarce. However, we can assume that he earned a significant income from his work in vaudeville and movies. In the early 1900s, vaudeville performers earned around $75 to $100 per week, which adjusted for inflation is equivalent to $2,000 to $2,700 today. As a successful comedian and actor, Harry Gribbon earned more than that amount. Additionally, his work at Keystone and other studios would have provided him with lucrative opportunities. According to some sources, Harry Gribbon had a net worth of around $300,000, which adjusted for inflation would be around $4.4 million today.


Despite his success, Harry Gribbon lived a modest lifestyle. He was known to be a private and reserved person, preferring to spend time with his family rather than socializing with other Hollywood stars. He had a wife and three children and lived in a peaceful neighborhood in Los Angeles. In his free time, Harry Gribbon enjoyed fishing and visiting his hometown in Ohio. His simple yet fulfilling lifestyle shows that wealth doesn’t always have to be flashy or extravagant.

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While Harry Gribbon might not be a household name, his contribution to the entertainment industry is significant. He was part of the pioneering group of comedians who established Hollywood’s dominance in the film industry. His talent and versatility influenced many actors and filmmakers who came after him. Harry Gribbon’s legacy reminds us of the importance of recognizing those who played a vital role in shaping our cultural heritage.


1. How much did Harry Gribbon earn per movie?

It’s difficult to estimate, as contracts and financial records from that era are scarce. However, successful actors and comedians during the 1920s earned around $1,000 to $3,000 per week, which adjusted for inflation is equivalent to $15,000 to $45,000 today.

2. Did Harry Gribbon ever win an award for his work?

No, Harry Gribbon didn’t receive any notable awards for his work in the entertainment industry. However, his contribution to the development of comedy and film is widely recognized among film historians.

3. Did Harry Gribbon have any famous collaborators?

Yes, Harry Gribbon appeared in several movies alongside stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and Lon Chaney. He was also directed by legendary filmmakers such as Frank Capra and Howard Hawks.

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4. Was Harry Gribbon involved in any philanthropic work?

There’s no record of Harry Gribbon participating in any philanthropic work. However, his humble lifestyle and dedication to his family suggest that he might have contributed to his community in some way.

5. Did Harry Gribbon have any hobbies besides acting?

Yes, Harry Gribbon enjoyed fishing and visiting his hometown in Ohio. He preferred to live a simple and grounded lifestyle.

6. What was Harry Gribbon’s signature comedic style?

Harry Gribbon was known for his physical comedy and versatility, often playing villainous characters or bumbling detectives.

7. Did Harry Gribbon influence any modern comedians or actors?

Yes, Harry Gribbon’s work in the development of slapstick comedy and physical comedy influenced many comedians and actors who came after him, such as Jim Carrey and Jackie Chan.


Harry Gribbon might not be a household name, but his contribution to the entertainment industry is undeniable. He was a versatile and talented comedian and actor who worked alongside some of the legends of Hollywood. Although his net worth might not have been as high as some of his contemporaries, his longevity in the industry and his modest lifestyle highlight the importance of talent, hard work, and dedication. Harry Gribbon’s legacy reminds us that sometimes the most significant achievements are the ones that go unnoticed.

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