July 12, 2021


Sexy women’s underwear: the items that drive men crazy

It is not always easy to find women’s underwear that is sexy, mischievous but not vulgar. Here are some suggestions.

Sexy women’s underwear: the dressing gown

the dressing gown is a great classic and a very sexy women’s underwear. The secret of a good dressing gown is not only to buy an elegant and refined one like one of the Intimissimi women’s underwear line, but above all to know how to wear it: perhaps with almost nothing underneath, like a dress tight at the waist or a light duster on a look. very casual or very elegant. In any case, at home or outside, a dressing gown is an elegant, charming underwear, suitable for any age.

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Kimono dressing gown

It is possible to find different types of dressing gowns on the market. Aibrou offers a Kimoni version with lace edges, very elegant and charming at the same time, characterized by a floral lace decoration at the neckline and cuffs.
The material is polyester, but it is very pleasant to the touch and above all very cool. It is also very soft and pleasant to the touch. The straps are also adjustable to adjust the length you prefer.
The final result is a very elegant and sexy dressing gown, pleasant in the materials, but contained in the price.

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Satin nightgown

The Avidlove brand offers an elegant dressing gown is in satin, with an incredibly similar texture to silk, very pleasant to the touch. It could be a good solution if you want to make a nice gift without looking for something too demanding, but of great taste and of great use.

Sexy woman underwear: Babydoll

For boys who do not know, the baby-doll is a female nightwear, consisting of a kind of very short shirt, often with coordinated briefs and used for sleeping instead of pajamas. It can be made of various materials (silk, synthetic fibers, transparent fabrics), and enriched with fringes or ornaments along the edges.
It can be used safely as a pajama, but it lends itself very well to a seduction tool, since depending on how it is made, it will highlight the curves it surrounds …

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Iris & Lilly Babydoll

Moving on to babydolls, you choose something a little more “intimate”, and certainly spicy.
The Iris & Lilly lingerie is elegant and well made, and is produced directly by Amazon, which therefore guarantees product quality (and possibly return) policies at the top of the category.
It is an elegant and sexy garment, suitable for any age. The fabric is a mix of cotton and chinlon which we found extremely pleasant and soft to the touch and wear.
In short, a sexy but elegant type of lingerie, for those who do not want to take themselves too seriously, but who in any case want to feel attractive.


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Women’s underwear: Lace babydoll

Another very popular babydoll is the garment proposed by Aibrou, which offers 5 different colors.
The first thing you notice is the softness to the touch, with the main material Polyester and spandex, a synthetic fiber characterized by being very fresh and breathable.
The babydoll features elegant lace, with V-crossed back straps and an open bottom part. It does not include actual underwear, but must be put on top of other underwear of our choice.
It turns out to be a product at a moderate price, but very nice to look at, as well as comfortable and fresh. The materials convinced us and the bright red color (which we have seen) is truly fascinating!

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The bra

So let’s move on to another essential item for any woman. The bra.
Let’s keep in mind that for a woman the bra is a second skin, and it is important to find something comfortable and sexy, without being duped by something that we like only aesthetically, which only risks being a waste of money.

Varsbaby: sexy women’s underwear

Varsaby is a brand able to guarantee products of excellent quality 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, very soft to the touch and on the skin. It includes an embroidered lace design around the cup push up. The straps are adjustable and the bra fastens and unfastens with a rear hook.
The bra is also accompanied by a Brazilian panty, also in lace, which fits perfectly with the bra. There are 4 colors available, but for this particular type of underwear we really liked both red and black.

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Push Up Adhesive Bra by Airbrou

An ever increasing popularity for the adhesive bra, whose best value for money is the one proposed by Airbrou. The bra works by adhering directly to the skin of the breast, without the need for shoulder straps or side bands. It is comfortable to wear, although in our opinion it is suitable for a size up to the fourth of a bra. Besides it risks not being able to “contain” the abundance of the breast.
It does not make you sweat, in fact it is designed to have a series of ventilation micro holes, especially in the nipple area.
The result is a feeling of infinite lightness, it will truly be like having nothing on. It is also well washable, our advice is to wash it by hand if possible with hot water and a little soap, so as not to lose the internal adhesion layer.

Stockings and Garters

The garter belt or garter is a very sexy and feminine women’s underwear. It is usually formed by a belt / band that surrounds the waist and rests on the hips, and by some straps called garters usually elastic and adjustable placed longitudinally to the thighs, each having a hook at its lower end, useful for fixing the stockings.
They are perfect for use on special occasions, but are even better to use under a skirt. They will not always have to see each other, but it will be enough to show a hook, perhaps while you sit down.
The guarantee is that every man present will notice them with pleasure, and that at least for the next 60 seconds he will not be able to think about anything else.

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Microfibre hold-ups for a sexy woman’s underwear

The Marylin Chanel are hold-ups characterized by excellent resistance and by the fact that they are also quite “compressive”.
They are able to adhere perfectly to any type of leg, remaining stable throughout the day. They are made of an excellent yarn, and they do not risk giving up neither in front of washing nor while we wear them. The sturdiness that distinguishes them makes them really warm and enveloping, which we really appreciated.
Durable, intriguingly designed socks that will last a long time. Definitely an excellent value for money.

Varsbaby: Adjustable garter

Finally, here is one of the most mischievous accessories in the lingerie scene. The garter belt is a garment that is as useful as it is appreciated by men. Inevitably when it is visible it enhances the imagination, letting the gaze travel the entire length of the leg going up to all the thighs …

The varsaby garter belt has an extremely intriguing lace pattern and lends itself to any type of stocking length, thanks to the adjustable length of the ribbons.
It can be found in 6 different colors, so it can be combined with practically any type of sock color. Combined with a stocking that reaches thigh height, it truly creates a unique impact of mischief and sensuality.
If by chance some man should notice his presence, perhaps glimpsing him under a skirt … rest assured that “magically” he will begin to buzz around you!

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