March 17, 2022


Renting a Place? Know Your Legal Rights and Duties First

Everyone desires a comfortable place, either as an office or a living space, even though the struggle that comes with finally landing a choice place can never be overemphasized.


Different problems could ensue in the course of searching for a place, ranging from searching for a choice property to no avail, and then the heartbreak that comes with finally finding a place you like, but it’s not situated at a location you desire. All these could make finding a place tedious to the point of considering giving up.


Knowing Your Legal Rights and Duties

The search for a place could be rendered less tedious and demanding if the service of a reliable estate agent is outsourced. All that is required is to inform them on the type and location of the property you desire, as well as your budget; they take it from there and work around your budget and choice.


However, the inadequacy of some estate agents has given reasons to doubt estate agents’ credibility.  People that seek their services want to be sure they are dealing with the right property organization.

For this reason, they will only go for agencies that have a history of transparency and prompt delivery.


Whereas, some people might end up with overbearing property-owners that will infringe on the occupants’ rights. That is why as an occupant, it is enjoined to know the right and duties that come with the tenancy.

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This is why this article will be giving an exposé on an occupant’s rights and duties.


The first thing an occupant should know is that the law has provided law regulatory measures that see to occupant-landlord relationship, and stipulations also have been given to uphold the right of both ladies.


Also, these laws are often in the occupancy agreement, which is supposed to be co-signed by the occupant and landlord. It is important for occupants to look through the agreement before signature because once the agreement is signed, it takes full course.


Your Legal Rights As An Occupant

  •   Right to safe premises
  •   Right to non-interference of occupancy
  •   Right to payment evidence and receipts
  •   The right to quit notice
  •   Right to exclusive occupancy


Your Legal Duties As An Occupant

  •   Taking care of the property
  •   Paying rent as at when due
  •   Paying for damages


The above and many more are the rights and duties of an occupant. Occupants must get conversant with these rights and duties to be aware when their right is trampled upon and not stay complacent in such situations.


That is why employing the service of professionals like MD Squared property management group is the best move. They provide quality assured services to their customers. Md squared property group is a management company situated in the heart of New York City. Their specialization is bound on property management that includes; coops, condominiums, and rental. At Md squared, building maintenance is geared towards suiting occupant specifics.

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Searching for a place is tasking and tedious if not done by a professional. As we all want a place that matches our reality, we won’t stop at any length unless our expectations are met.


In the same vein, it will be heartbreaking to find a place finally, and your right as an occupant is continuously trampled upon; that is why it is important to know your rights before embarking on your search hunt for a place.


However, the risks that come with searching for a place could be best avoided by employing the services of a professional.



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