July 27, 2021


Packaging Guide for Vape Cartridges: A Step-by-Step Framing

Vape cartridges are a popular trend in the smoking industry. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be confusing to know how to package them for your business. This blog post will provide you with a detailed guide that includes everything from selecting the right box size, determining what type of packaging material to use, and designing graphics that will attract customers!

What is Vape Cartridge Packaging?

Vape cartridge packaging is the container that holds vape cartridges. These containers are usually made of plastic or cardboard and act as a protective shield for your product during shipping to customers.

There are two main types of vape cartridge packaging – single-use cases, which hold one vape cartridge at a time, and bulk packages, which hold an array of cartridges in one box.

Single-use cases offer protection from accidental drops while remaining lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Bulk packs provide more space for marketing material such as graphics on the front cover or small flyers inside the pack about new products.

Steps to Design Advantageous Vape Cartridge Packaging

Designing an advantageous vape packing may be a difficult task for you, but the following steps will make this task easy for you. Those steps are:

  • Determine the Packaging Size
  • Selection of Suitable Packaging Stocks
  • Focus on Designing Perspective
  • Include Add-ons to Increase Packaging Box Usability
  • Perform Quality Tests
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Determine the Packaging Size

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine what type of box size will best suit your needs. Vape cartridges come in various sizes, so it’s important that the package be able to accommodate them. If you’re planning on using larger boxes, then make sure they have room for graphics and text without being overcrowded or looking cluttered.

Larger vape cartridge packaging usually includes more information than smaller packages like dimensions and ingredients lists- since these are often seen as fillers with large boxes. There isn’t much space left over for those types of details.

So, get the proper dimensions of your cartridges and select the packaging size according to those dimensions.

Selection of Suitable Packaging Stocks

You will need to choose a suitable stock for your vape cartridge packaging. There are many different materials that can be used, but the most common stocks in this industry are typically plastics and paperboard cardboard.

Each has advantages and disadvantages associated with them, so determining which is best for your business depends on what you’re looking for or simply want to try out.

The first thing you’ll have to decide when choosing either of these stocks is whether or not they contain any recycled content because there’s some debate over how effective recycling is: it all depends on where the material comes from originally, how much work goes into transforming it, etcetera… If it does include recycled content, then you may also have options between cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated materials. So, choose one of the stocks of your choice and move to the next step.

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Focus on Designing Perspective

Now that you’ve figured out your packaging material, it’s time to think about how the outer appearance of your vape cartridges will be. Your surface needs two main color options: a background and contrasting lettering or symbol on top. The best way to go about this is by choosing an appropriate stock for both aspects, so they match when placed together, then cut off enough cardboard from each side. Hence, there are no unsightly edges showing through, and finally, place them against one another with the adhesive side down.

The last thing to do is decide what type of information you want to be printed onto the boxes themselves – sometimes companies include their phone number as well as company logos here which may even contain images like a product or the ingredient images to the boxes to enhance the presentation of their products.

Include Add-ons to Increase Packaging Box Usability

Depending on the type of product you are producing, it may be a good idea to include certain add-ons to your packaging boxes. For example, suppose you are creating vape cartridges that contain both nicotine and THC. In that case, they should have their own separate box so as not to mix together – this can also apply to other products such as different flavorings or levels of potency in tobacco cigarettes.

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This step obviously won’t work well with bulk orders from distributors, but at least having these packages available during events will show potential customers what is being offered and allow them to make more informed purchasing decisions before purchase day arrives.

Perform Quality Tests

You need to ensure the packaging quality before starting mass production. For this purpose, you need to perform quality tests on the packaging. These quality tests should be done at least five times before mass production starts.

Fold Test: this will tell you how strong and durable your box is

Die Cut Test: to check if your product can easily come out of its package without breaking or tearing it apart

Drop Test: to see if there are any damages in the packagings when dropped from a height of six feet (around two meters) on hard surfaces such as stone, concrete, wood, and tile flooring – these drops are performed with an interval of 12 inches (30 cm) between each other along one side until all four sides have been tested for damage by dropping them consecutively ten time

This step needs to happen before you start bulk production. If your packaging boxes pass these tests, you can start bulk production.

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While concluding the topic, we suggest you follow these steps to design the best packaging boxes for your products. You can use these steps for other product’s packaging like custom cigarette boxes and many more.

If you are still getting confused, you can contact your packaging supplier. He will provide you all the necessary details about these boxes. Moreover, some packaging companies also provide free design support to their clients, so find the best supplier in the market to place your order customized packaging boxes for your products.


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