August 22, 2021


How To Make The Best From A Broken Cake

How To Make The Best From A Broken Cake

After having followed the cake recipe instructions sometimes it all does not go as expected, you end up with a broken cake and heart. Even cake experts face the same scenario, but they do not throw away. They use their creativity to make the best out of the cake disaster. Whether a cake breaks into pieces while turning to a cooling rack, all hope is not lost — you can convert your cake into a luscious dessert with a few tricks practised by cake experts. If the cake was for someone special as a gift and you are working on a tight schedule to make this happen; you can order online cake delivery in Gurugram and many other locations in India. You will take delivery in time while you wrap up with the broken cake.  Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share tips to make the best from a broken cake. 

Reasons why things go south

Though you may have spent countless hours binge-watching cake tutorials, some of the instructions are easier said than done. Here are some of the reasons why a seemingly successful cake bake can go south:

  • You did not properly prepare your pans for the bake. Always make certain that you grease the baking pan’s bottom and sides. You can add another layer of protection by spreading butter and sprinkling flour in the pan. 
  • The oven temperature may be set on high. Always confirm that the temperature is tallying with the recipe instructions. You can use the oven thermometer for verification. 
  • You have not adequately mixed the batter. This leaves pockets of dry ingredients, which causes the weak points in your cake. 
  • You did not let the cake cool completely. When you remove your cake from the oven, do not remove it from the pan immediately. Set it aside in the pan to cool until it’s safe to touch.
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Creative ways to deal with a broken cake

1. Glue your cake with frosting.

If the cake breaks when you remove it from the pan, but pieces of it are still solid enough that you can join them up — then you can glue these pieces together with frosting. When your cake assumes the structure you want, you can cover the whole cake with frosting, and not even a cake expert can tell that the cake has gone through some nip n’ cut.

2. Make mini cakes.

Cake glueing may not be your thing, and you can consider making mini cakes with the broken one! All you need to do is cut your cake into mini pieces — even out the ends, cover with frosting, and finally decorate.

3. Make cake balls.

A tray of cake balls is a delight for the sweet tooth people. They ignite a smile and happiness, bringing out the kid in every one of us. You can use the broken cake, frosting, and molten chocolate/candy to make luscious cake balls. There are many fun ways you can decorate to make that cake flop to success.

4. Make cake-based bread pudding.

No lie, stale bread makes a delightful bread pudding. Imagine incorporating a fresh cake? You can use the remaining broken cake pieces to replace bread.

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5. Turn the cake into dessert toppings.

Break the broken cake into small pieces and toast until dry and crispy. Let the crisps cool completely and use the crumbs as toppings on ice cream, cupcakes, milkshake, or yoghurt. Store away the remainders in an airtight container as your backup for dessert toppings. 

As mentioned above, the tips will help you ensure that your efforts will not go in vain. You can also serve the cake with fillings and frosting to allow your loved ones to explore and enjoy the cake adventure.


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