August 27, 2021


How to Get Tax Relief FROM IRS?


Tax is an important matter it should be dealt with extreme delicacy. Most people don’t understand the tax matters well and complicate their situation unnecessarily. The general tax payment rule is that although, it is calculated monthly, but it is paid annually. 

Tax is one of the biggest sources of income for the government to run operations. That’s why IRS takes serious actions against offenders, but there’s also a possibility to get a tax refund as well. about 20% of Americans don’t claim the earned income credit. The reason for ignoring this tax relief is quite simple, it’s because people are unaware of the situation. Well, below you can find some useful tips to boost up the tax refund.

Consider your filing status

The first decision that you usually make is to decide whether you are filing together with your spouse or alone. One must be very careful here because the status can greatly affect the refund size especially if you are married. About 96% of the couples file their tax returns jointly. 

It is often thought the best way to avoid taxes is to do it together, but every situation is different from the other. For example, if one spouse has higher medical bills, due to a job loss, then computing taxes individually might allow a bigger deduction. 

Another example of it can be the child tax credit and it is available to separately filing spouses. The amount was $ 2000 in 2020 which is raised to $ 3600 for every child under 17 years. That’s why you might want to talk to an expert before filing the tax return in the future. 

Benefit from tax deductions

The tax system is quite complex and beyond the understanding of a common man. A lot of people are simply unaware of the types of deductions and that’s why they are overlooked. Still, it is a fact that the deductions that you qualify for can make a significant impact on your refund. 

For example, the state sales tax. Just open up the IRS’s calculator and find out how much of the state and local sales tax can be deducted. Another example of that is the reinvested dividends. Technically, you can’t call it a deduction but it can positively impact the tax refund. 

This is how it works, you reinvest the dividends automatically, and when you sell your shares at that time you might reduce your taxes on the capital gain. A similar situation can be found for the student loan also. Because even if you didn’t pay for the loan, you can take the deductions as long as you are obliged to pay for it. 

Use timing to your advantage

Another effective way of getting larger refunds is by watching the fiscal calendar closely to make bigger contributions. You basically look for the payments that you can make before the end of the year that can greatly reduce your taxable income. Consequently, you’ll have to pay less as compared to when the amount you paid was in your account. 

For example, if you pay the due amount of mortgage in January before December 31, then you get the added interest for the mortgage interest deduction. In fact, the money you paid in advance earned the interest. Similarly, you can get a considerable deduction if you plan the medical treatment in the last quarter of the year. If you are self-employed, then you can make a bigger purchase at the end of the year can help you qualify for the bigger returns.   

Claim your tax credit

Up until now, you have only heard about the tax refunds, but there’s still something better than that. That’s right it’s the tax credits because they are a dollar for a dollar reduction of your taxes. If you get a $50 credit it means you get a $50 tax reduction. 

If you don’t have any qualifying children, then the credit amount was $529 for 2020. And if you are having three or more qualifying children, then the maximum amount was up to $6,660. If you are unsure how to get the tax credits, then it is about time you talked to a professional to benefit from this unique opportunity. 

Talk to a tax relief company

It is quite often that you hear the tax issues and challenges. People usually file the taxation documentation independently without any consultation. The problem with this approach is that a lot of opportunities stay hidden. The best way to avail such opportunities is to talk to a tax relief company. They are experts and have experience in dealing with such matters. So, hire the best team of professionals to reduce the impact of taxes.  

Most people are unaware of the term tax relief because they sense a sense of obligation. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying to reduce the impact of taxes. Just take a look at the tax you have paid last year. You’d be surprised to know how much money you would have saved if you know about the possible reliefs listed above. If the taxation system is quite complicated for you, then hiring experts is your best shot to protect your hard-earned money. 

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