April 8, 2022


How to Easily Remove Furniture Dents from Your Rug

Heavy furniture such as chairs and couches can leave dents on a carpet. When it comes to removing furniture dents from your rug, you don’t have to spend hours in the cleaning room. Depending on the severity of the dent, you can use different methods to get dents out of the carpet. Besides, a good quality carpet from a trusted rugs manufacturer may help minimize dents due to furniture.


It is the constant heavy pressure that causes dents and the best way to remove furniture dents from your rug is to remove the furniture itself. Later, follow one of the methods outlined below that suit best.


Use ice cubes

The ice cube method is the most popular method and will help you get rid of furniture dents on your rug. Besides, it is simple and can be practiced without a professional. This method can come in handy for use in any kind of rug, whether shaggy rugs or flatweave rugs.

Place a cube of ice covering the dented area

Use as many ice cubes required to cover the dent in its entirety. The ice cubes will help lift the dent and prevent the carpet from getting damaged.

Wait until the ice is fully melted

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Depending on how big and how many ice cubes are required to cover the dent on your rug, you will have to wait for several hours for the ice to melt completely.


Remove excess water

After your ice has melted, use a blotting cloth to remove any excess water. The ice cubes will soak up the moisture from the dent, allowing the carpet fibers to swell.


Fluff up the rug fibers

Now, you can use your fingers, a comb, or a plastic card to gently push the dent. This will help fluff up the rug fibers and help the compressed fibers stand up. You may also consider using vacuuming to ensure all the water is out of the rug fibers.


The science behind using ice to get dents out of carpet

Upon absorbing moisture from the melted ice, the rug fibers tend to retain their original shape. However, the rug fibers are compressed and need assistance like a comb, or fingers to push the dented area back into its original position.


How to get furniture marks out of the carpet without using ice?


Simply apply some steam with a clothes iron to the dent from four to six inches away. Then, iron the area until it is dry. The key is not to iron the carpet or burn the dent. You also don’t want to saturate the carpet, which will set the stain.

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Blow dryer

A warm-air blow-dryer will help you remove dent-causing furniture from your rug.

This method can be used to remove any other kind of dented area from your rug, and you can also use this method to remove stains from your carpet.

Additionally, you must check for guides and instructions provided by the carpet wholesaler to help you understand the suitable treatment of rugs that ensure there is no harm to the rug fibers.



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