May 27, 2022


How Students Can Maintain Self-Discipline during Online Classes?

The changing world scenario over the last few years has changed many things including the mode of education, the traditional way of educating children in the classroom of schools and colleges has changed to online mode. Teachers who were using blackboards, books and projectors etc. to teach are using online apps for classroom teaching and doing tasks like taking attendance, sending assignments and circulating notices online. The method and tools of teaching have changed but there are a few things that are still necessary for achieving greater teaching and learning experience, one such thing is “discipline”.When students were present physically in the classrooms they remained disciplined and focused on their studies because of the teacher’s physical presence. But in online classes, teachers can’t always instruct them on it, students need to understand and implement the principle of self-discipline during the online classes.

Self-disciple means having control over yourself and keeping yourself motivated for the achievement of your desired goal. Students need to learn and practice this so that, even learning from home in comfort, they don’t lose their focus on studies and can pay attention in their online classes, overcoming any distractions.

Here are some ways through which students can maintain self-disciple during their online classes.

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Create An Everyday Schedule: Waking up early, getting ready for school or college and reaching on time, this used to be the daily timetable when students were attending offline classes. But, now as classes are being taken online the students need to modify their daily schedules. Having a schedule for every day makes the students consistent in their work and creates discipline in their life. Studying from home shouldn’t be an excuse for delaying your homework or skipping self-study time, allot hours for every task, for homework, self-study, making notes and asking doubts from the teacher and also don’t forget to give yourself some relaxation time.


Stay Organized: Just like you used to carry all your required books, notebooks and stationery with yourself in school, similarly keep your study materials and everything necessary for online classes with you. Check your internet connection before joining the class, and keep your books, notes or any other resources besides your study table, so that you don’t have to get up in between the class for anything. For example, if you need your Pendrive for presenting your online assignment to your teacher and class, keep it with yourself so that when the teacher calls out for you, you can plug in the drive immediately and start your presentation without wasting time or disturbing the class’s time-table.

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Evade Distractions: A student can find distractions even in the clutter-free environment of the class if he/ she doesn’t want to study. But if students are disciplined and know the importance of their classes and studies then they can learn from anywhere, to study without any disturbance during the online classes students need to avoid and eliminate any such distractions that can disturb them and others. Put the notifications of all your other social media apps and games apps silent, turn off the television, participate in online classes and don’t be a passive listener. Follow all these tips and avoid distractions.


Set Expectations for Yourself: Online classes also have similar goals to offline classes, that is, teaching students new knowledge and skills, completing courses within their set period, and evaluating students. Students are required to meet these goals and for that, they need to be self-disciplined. For example, if students keep interrupting the teacher with questions, in-between the lecture then how the teacher will teach, so instead of doing this save your questions for last. Students should set goals for themselves like learning the taught topics in x number of days, and scoring x marks on online tests, doing this will keep students motivated and focused on studies.

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Proper Time Management: Students need to learn time management to maintain the balance between all their tasks like uploading assignments on the online teaching app before the due date, preparing for online quizzes, doing self-study etc. Some students get overwhelmed by all these things. However, with proper time management and discipline, everything can be achieved.



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