August 22, 2021


Hotel Management Tips: How To Improve Your Customer Service

Running a hotel is far from easy. There are so many aspects of it that you need to focus on, however, with the proper guidance, organization, and staff, anything can be achievable. For sure, one of the most crucial things in any industry is customer service.

Hotel Management Tips

That’s especially the case with the hospitality industry. Mostly because you are constantly having contact with your customers and you know that old saying “Customer is always right”. This just goes to show that you have to do anything that’s in your power to make them happy.

The truth is, whether we want to admit it or not, people love to be pampered and treated nicely, hence, if you notice that something isn’t right, develop a strategy that will fix it. Need more advice regarding this? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Smart Ways To Enhance Customer Service Quality

Focus On Staff Training

Whenever you’re trying to change some things concerning your hotel, you need to create a budget that is going to cover certain aspects of it. If you’re planning on doing that, make sure to fit staff training into it.

Perceive this as something that’s extremely important if you want to minimize any errors and increase cost reduction. Now, do not think that training is supposed to be short-term. On the contrary.

If you want to be and stay successful, it must be a constant effort. Namely, every day is a new opportunity for staff training that will allow them to learn something new and gain new skills. As a hotel manager or owner, besides training, your duty is also to provide your employees with the right tools.

Incorporate Mobile Check-In

Today’s travelers are not the same as the ones we’ve had the opportunity to meet a few years ago. Things have drastically changed in the meantime. Many reports have shown that people would rather choose a hotel that offers mobile check in than the one that doesn’t. Why is it so important for them?

You have to understand that a majority of people are attracted to places that are mobile-friendly. Viz, it provides them with convenience which is something they are used to in practically every aspect of their lives.

Implementing mobile check-in is not only beneficial for your guests, but for you and your daily operations as well. Furthermore, it simplifies the check-in process and at the same time, decreases front desk friction.

And That’s Not Everything You Can Do…

Treat Every Person Like He/She Is VIP

As we previously stated, people love to be pampered no matter where they are and there’s nothing better than when you have the best possible service in your hotel. Of course, not everyone is a celebrity, but it doesn’t mean that he or she shouldn’t be treated properly.

If you treat your guest nicely, they will perceive it as an outstanding experience and will certainly return to your hotel once again and possibly recommend it to others. So how can you pull this off?

It’s actually not that difficult at all! Just remind your staff that they should be polite, attentive, resourceful, and treat every single individual with respect and kindness regardless of the status. Bear in mind that when your guests are satisfied with it, they will less pay attention to some other things, such as bad location, smaller rooms, etc.

Keep Your Employees Updated On Changes

Every team member is supposed to be aware of the changes that were made. If you decide to modify some things, then you need to let them know. If it’s something that’s too complex or difficult to explain then in-person demos or videos are great solutions.

Why is this so crucial? Well, it’s because your staff must have the answer to every possible question that was addressed to them. If they aren’t familiar with the latest changes, they are not going to be able to provide your guests with relevant information regarding a certain process or service.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

It’s always recommendable for your desk agents to ask your guests if they had a lovely time at your hotel when they check out. Now, to some people, these types of questions may appear to be meaningless.

That’s why you should be a little bit more creative when it comes to this and make a list of questions that are going to be much more effective and will give you better insight into how to enhance the customer service of your hotel. So how are they supposed to look like?

  1. Have we managed to meet your demands and expectations? 
  2. On a scale of one to ten, how satisfied are you with the hotel staff? Do you think they treated you the way you expected?
  3. If there’s something you would change or improve when it comes to hotel customer service, what would it be?

All of these questions are important if you want to make sure every guest is satisfied with your hotel. Namely, they will make the people stop and think about everything they’ve experienced during their stay. Moreover, it will enable your staff to address any unresolved problems which is always a great thing.

Always Be Ready To Adapt, Learn, Experiment, And Evolve

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hotel owner or any other type of business owner, changing and evolving is always recommendable if you want to remain relevant in a particular industry. The same goes for the hospitality industry.

Therefore, it’s very important to adapt to brand-new market trends. What does it mean? It means that you should always aspire to stay ahead, and you’ll be able to achieve that only if you’re updated to everything, starting from global events to technology.

Don’t ever forget that strong service quality is going to improve customer satisfaction which will then lead to bigger profits and at the same time, will decrease financial losses. Everyone is going to be much happier, including your staff, guests, and yourself.

Those who have a plethora of experience in this industry will always tell you that customer service is something that will either make or break your business. That’s why you should always prioritize it and work on enhancing it which you’ll be able to do with these guidelines.

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