November 21, 2021


Habits that Can Make Your Business Data More Secure

True data security for a business doesn’t rely solely on software and technology. The human element is a major factor in properly protecting your data, and bad habits among your team can render even the most advanced security software useless. A highly secure business makes security a habit and a necessity for every member of the team. Here are five habits your team members should be following to help make your business’s data more secure.

Proactively Manage Risks

As already stated, technology can’t be your only solution to security issues. Simply installing software and hoping it catches all the security threats is a very passive approach to data security. Your team needs to be more proactive. You should be assessing your security on a daily basis and taking any necessary steps to shore up any weak points you may find.

Take Personal Responsibility

Data security is not just the responsibility of your IT team or IT consultant—it’s the responsibility of each and every team member. You should be training your employees to recognize this fact, and encourage them to take ownership of their role in the company’s overall data security. This includes things like only accessing company data from a secure location, using unique and secure passwords, and not sharing or displaying their passwords anywhere.

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Report Suspicious Emails

Phishing remains one of the most common forms of cyberattacks against businesses. Make sure that your employees not only know how to recognize suspicious emails, but that they also know how and where to report any they may receive. While simply deleting the email may prevent them from falling prey to these attacks, reporting the email can help ensure the entire team is aware of the scam and nobody is lured into clicking dangerous links.

Keep Software Up to Date

No, software shouldn’t be your only security measure—but it’s still a valuable one. However, it can’t do its job if you’re not keeping that software up to date. Any time there’s an update to the software you use, make sure it is properly installed on all computers, and all employees are utilizing any new features properly.

Practice Good Internet Habits

Finally, your team should practice good internet habits, including limiting any internet browsing from company computers. Instead, you can set up a separate WiFi network for personal devices and allow employees to connect their smartphones and tablets to that network. This way, if a breach occurs on the personal network, company data is less likely to be compromised. If you do allow browsing on company computers, make sure employees know how to recognize a trusted site.

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