July 15, 2021


Face mask: for deep cleansing and perfect skin

A face mask is a cosmetic product used to counteract certain skin disorders or blemishes affecting the skin of the face.

What is a face mask for

Regular application of a face mask gives the skin a youthful and fresh look: not surprisingly, these cosmetic preparations are in great demand in beauty salons. The effectiveness of this product is given by the skilful association of the functional active ingredients incorporated in the recipe. In fact, there are moisturizing, revitalizing, toning, detoxifying, purifying, nourishing face masks to soften the skin and face masks against blackheads or whatever.

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DIY face masks

The ones listed below are DIY and 100% natural face masks since they are made with natural and homemade products. These will quickly lead you to achieve truly satisfying results for your beauty.

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Honey and coffee mask

It is a face mask against blackheads and is composed of these two very valid ingredients thanks to their regenerating properties. The honey will leave your skin very soft and velvety while the coffee will act as a natural scrub, awakening all the pores of the face.
Just mix these two products by combining two teaspoons of ground coffee with honey (of any type) and leave to rest for five minutes. The advice is to apply this mask once a week, as soon as you wake up.

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Milk and tomato mask

This face mask has purifying properties thanks to the acid action of the tomato and the basic pH of the milk. The advice is to take a small chupito glass and fill it with a teaspoon of whole milk and half a teaspoon of tomato paste. At this point, mix everything well and then dab evenly on the skin of the face with a clean sponge. This mask is meant to purify the skin overnight. So the advice is to apply and rinse it once every five to six days before going to sleep.

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Mask with egg white and lemon juice

Another mask against blackheads and moisturizing is the one with egg white and lemon juice. The nourishing properties of the egg are well known and are able to leave the skin (but also the hair) very clean and smooth. This mixture consists of an egg white and a heaped teaspoon of lemon juice: after a few treatments you will be able to see the difference. Your face will immediately appear brighter and more compact as the pores are opened and it will be easier for your skin to eliminate impurities. After applying it, leave it on for up to five minutes and then rinse off with warm water, no more than twice a week.

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Mask with coconut oil and turmeric

For a moisturizing DIY face mask these two ingredients are very suitable. A teaspoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of turmeric are in fact companions against chemical pollutants such as smog and fine dust. Applying this mask three times a week will give you splendid results after just fifteen days: your skin will appear visibly healthier and more hydrated and you can say goodbye to cracking.

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Mask with honey and cinnamon

These two ingredients not only taste delicious, they are also a godsend in the fight against acne. It is a valid alternative to medicines and products studied ad hoc for this particular problem. The advice is to create a natural cream with two teaspoons of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey, then apply on the face with circular movements of the fingers. It will be enough to use it once a week, but remember to always rinse well with warm water,

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Mask mask with honey and lemon juice

The acidity of lemon makes it an ingredient suitable for many purposes and from today it will also be your skin’s best friend. In fact, with this mask you can say goodbye to dark circles and the signs of winter, since with a few applications of this pack you will feel a truly amazing result.
Just get some plain yogurt and two tablespoons of lemon juice. After rinsing with hot water, a glance will suffice to see how radiant your skin has become in a few moments.


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