June 21, 2021


Evening Desert Safari -A Realm of Ultimate Pleasure

Dubai is the major stopover of middle-east. It attracts travelers to the glitz, tradition, and natural beauty to an extent that these destinations always remain busy. The gold and spice souks at Deira, the mighty Burj Khalifa, Dhow cruise at Marina, and evening  desert safari Dubai. All these marvels cannot be left unvisited once you place your feet in the city of gold. Getting inspired by the aesthetic Arabian culture, I grabbed a bunch of my adventurist fellows and headed out for an evening desert safari in Dubai.


After spending two exotic days in Dubai, visiting its souks, skyscrapers, and luxurious malls, our third day was named to a desert safari. For this, we reached out to Happy Adventures Tourism LLC who made it more happening for us. This is what we experienced in an evening expedition to the majestic conservation reserve of Dubai.

What an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai Offers? 

1. Dune Bashing


Bashing the high Arabian dunes is what thrill-seekers crave! Their craving brings them all the way to terrain where several SUVs stand ready for a drift. The operators of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC offered us dune bashing or desert safari in Dubai via Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan patrol. It’s an off-road vehicle that allows a maximum number of six people for a ride. The drivers of the 4x4s are highly skilled. Crossing those red sand bumps is their daily endeavor. So we didn’t have fear of accidents seeing the confident drivers.

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Also, the SUVs are equipped with safety kits and all the riders are instructed with safety protocols. There are dune buggies, hummers, land cruisers, and wrangler jeeps for this thrilling activity. Summit of the high and low sand peaks in a fiery sports car is quite fascinating for the showboats!

2. ATV Biking


People also love ATV biking as much as dune bashing. Mostly, every itinerary offers either dune bashing or quad biking depending on the package you grabbed. If you’ve taken a dune bashing safari, then you can pay over and enjoy riding a quad bike as well. 


A quad bike is also a 4 wheeler but a drive for one. Once you get training from the expert professional on how to drive a quad bike across the dunes, you are ready to hit them! These vehicles allow a smooth delivery to the rough texture of the terrain. These are also provided with safety kits and driven under an expert’s supervision. So practice gripping over the handles of your quad bike in the sports arena of the desert. And feel the legit vibe of thrill!

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3. Surfing Via a Sandboard


Grab a wooden board and float like you are in heaven! Experienced water surfing before? Or have you ever tried ice skiing? You must have tried surfing the streets on a hoverboard then. Sand surfing is similar in terms of technique but not in terms of fun. It’s even more exotic and super amusing!

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 Try balancing your feet over the sandboard that will take you across the golden dunes like a flying carpet! All you need is a little balancing practice. Many companies offer complementary package like we got from the management of Happy Adventures Tourism. And we can’t thank them enough for making us cuddle in the sand!

4. Camel Safari


Whether you are on a solo trip or accompanied by family and kids, a camel ride is a must! Camel safari is a means to travel centuries back as it gives an insight into the real essence of Bedouin’s mode of living. These animals are the royal carriages which the Arabs keep as heritage. Explore the infinite sand ocean by navigating a camel. You’ll spot hundreds of reasons to cherish a camel ride in a desert. 

5. Falconry


Falconry is also admired by many tourists in a desert safari. We got an insight into the traditional hunting technique of the Arabs by the narrator. Our guide of Happy Adventures Tourism escorted us to the stalls where I grabbed a Kandura dress. Outfitting like natives was quite pleasing. The fun multiplied when we posed with the falcons in those traditional dresses. The amazing stunts of a trained falcon bird were quite wondrous to see on the terrain.

6. Discovery of the Wildlife


The terrestrial animals of marshy habitat are spotted wandering around at the dunes. Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers adore the Arabian barren a lot in this aspect. As they find exposure to the unseen creatures and rare flora & fauna. If you keep a knack for discovery and photography, it’s a great place for you as well. Where you can also celebrate surprise birthday parties or large number of group events.  Here you can spot gazelles, wild cats, hyenas & foxes, eagle owls, even desert leopards as well. A group of oryx is commonly seen by many tourists in the vicinity of this national ranch.

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7. Buffet for Foodies


After all the fun part, thrilling exposure, and lovely views of the sunset. Besides enjoy the unlimited free refreshing soft drinks in this summer season. There comes a time to serve the empty stomach. Engulf the bites of an opulent savory cooked in the middle-eastern style. You’ll be presented with charcoal roasted meat, veggies, lentils, salads, and desserts cooked in delicious flavors of Arabia. 


The delicacy offered in an evening desert safari also allows you unlimited and free access to various kinds of drinks. The hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism gave us multiple refills of chilled soft drinks as well as tea. The sips of special Arabian coffee along with the serving of dates were just divine! 

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From late afternoon to half of the nightfall, our venture to the dunes of Dubai was incredible. This couldn’t be achieved without the tremendous efforts of team Happy Adventures Tourism. From wondering on the orange hues of the sunset to screaming in the 4×4, every fun was beyond expectations. 

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Do check on the blasting entertainment night and a splash of Arabian flavors in your mouth. All this can be achieved only during an evening tour to the dunes. So if you are in Dubai and love to experience the thrill, entertainment, and nature’s witchery, a desert safari is a must-do for you!


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