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Daisy Marquez Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Daisy Marquez
Full Name: Daisy Marquez
Age: 23 years
Birthday: 24 Sep
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Libra
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: $1 million
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Profession: Youtuber
Sibling: One Sister
Education: High School Graduate
Mother: Isabel Contreras

Daisy Marquez is a Mexican-born American social media personality. Daisy Marquez is a self-taught makeup artist with a self-titled YouTube channel that has 1.49 million subscribers.

How old is Daisy Marquez?

Daisy Marquez was born on September 24, 1997, and is currently 23 years old. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Daisy, likewise, was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Daisy is an American of Hispanic nationality. Similarly, she practices Christianity. Her mother’s name is Isabel Contreras. However, there is no information about her father in the media because her parents divorced when Daisy was very young, and Daisy spent her childhood with her mother. Similarly, she has a younger sister named Destiny Marquez. She is also a social media sensation with her own YouTube channel.

Daisy’s mother illegally immigrated from Mexico to the United States with some of her friends when Daisy was a baby. Daisy’s mother Isabel later married and moved to Dallas, Texas, where she spent the rest of her childhood. Furthermore, she has posted a video on her channel titled ‘STORYTIME: I’M UNDOCUMENTED.’ In this video, she describes her experience crossing the Mexican border as well as her entire journey. Daisy also has a high school diploma. She did not attend college, however, because she had to pay high tuition and was treated as an international student. Furthermore, she did not want her mother to work ten times as hard for her college degrees.

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Daisy Marquez
Caption: Childhood pictures of Daisy Marquez with her mom. (Source: Instagram)

How much does Daisy Marquez earn?

Daisy is a social media influencer with a sizable fan base. Similarly, she has seen impressive growth as a result of her dedication and consistency in creating creative content for videos. In terms of her accomplishments, she received the prestigious American Influencer award for her contributions to social media. Similarly, when it comes to Daisy’s net worth and earnings, she has amassed a sizable fortune through her social media career. Similarly, her social media account has earned her a net worth of around $1 million.

Daisy Marquez
Caption: Daisy Marquez wining the influencer award. (Source: Instagram)

Is Daisy Marquez in a relationship?

Daisy is straight and most likely single in terms of her relationship status. Previously, she was in a relationship with an artist named Alejandro (Alex) Juarez. Daisy met him at a house party when she was in high school, and he has also made several appearances on her YouTube channel. Furthermore, the two relocated to Los Angeles together in December 2017. They later split up after moving to Los Angeles.

Similarly, after moving from Texas to Los Angeles in December 2017, she lost many of her followers. Similarly, her devoted fans who admired her way of life noticed a significant change in her lifestyle after she relocated to California. They discovered that she was more interested in flaunting the expensive items she had purchased for herself and sharing the meals she had at posh restaurants. Furthermore, some of her fans questioned the veracity of her ‘STORYTIME: I’M UNDOCUMENTED’ video on YouTube.

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How tall is Daisy Marquez?

Daisy has a charming personality and an hourglass figure. Similarly, her height is 5 feet 7 inches (67 inches), but her weight and vital statistics are unknown. Daisy has fair skin, black long hair, and dark brown eyes.

 Career line of Daisy Marquez

  • Daisy is a social media influencer with a YouTube channel. Similarly, she began her YouTube journey at the age of 12. Daisy started her self-titled YouTube channel ‘Daisy Marquez’ on December 12, 2009, and it now has over 1.49 million subscribers.
  • Her passion for beauty and fashion inspired her to launch the channel. Similarly, her oldest video was posted on May 4, 2016. Daisy posted ‘PROM MAKEUP: SMOKEY GLITTERY EYES,’ which has 655k views. This is her first video on the channel, and it’s a prom makeup look and tutorial. Following that, on May 13, 2016, she posted another video titled ‘PROM MAKEUP: SOFT CUT CREASE,’ which has received 263k views.
  • Daisy has also uploaded 213 videos to her channel, with a total of 103 million views. Similarly, her most viewed video is ‘I’M BEING HAUNTED *NOT CLICKBAIT*,’ which she posted on January 17th, 2019 and has 3.2 million views.
  • Daisy has a second channel, DaisyVlogs, which she joined on December 6, 2016. She started this channel with her then-boyfriend Alex to vlog their daily adventures.
  • Similarly, her most popular video on the channel is ‘STORYTIME: QUINCEANERA DISASTER,’ which she posted on May 9, 2017 and has 616k views. However, following her separation with her boyfriend, she stopped posting on this channel.
  • Daisy posted a different type of content on her channel on January 13th, 2017, in contrast to her usual makeup and fashion-related content on her vlog. She shared the video ‘STORYTIME: I’M UNDOCUMENTED,’ which has received over 1.5 million views.
  • She described her journey from Mexico to the United States of America in this vlog. Similarly, in this video, she describes her terrifying experience crossing the Mexican border at the age of ten to reunite with her mother in the United States of America.
  • According to her, after moving to the United States as a baby, she frequently missed her homeland of Mexico, especially when all of her cousins used to visit their relatives back home. Similarly, she persuaded her mother to let her go to Mexico for the holidays to meet her cousins.
  • Her mother, on the other hand, frequently forewarned her about the difficulties she would face upon her return. Daisy’s mother even forewarned her about having to cross the Rio river on foot due to the strong currents.
  • Daisy went to Mexico despite these warnings, and her return was fraught with difficulties.
  • Similarly, she had to join a group of people crossing the border with the help of a couple of coyotes. Similarly, she was the only one on the raft while crossing the river.
  • Furthermore, one of the coyotes carried her on back through the deep forest and sands under a hot sun. However, one of the coyotes was apprehended by US forces after entering the open field, but she was safely transported to a nearby house by the other coyote and was able to communicate with her mother.
  • Furthermore, after expressing her difficulty in attending college, she urged her fans to speak out against the new administration’s plan to repeal DACA.
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