September 22, 2021


Convert Your PDF to Word Quickly and Easily With PDFBear

It is very usual to convert Word documents to PDF files through Word processing software and online conversion tools. But how about converting PDF files to Word documents?


If you don’t have any idea about how PDF to Word file conversion is having a hard time looking for a quick and convenient place to convert your PDF file to Word documents, you are in the right place. Here, we will guide you with step-by-step instructions on how you can convert them fast and easily with PDFBear.


PDFBear is a user-friendly and free website that provides PDF-related tools and services such as file conversion, repair, optimization, organization, e-signing, security, and PDF viewing and editing. It is one of the best sites to go to for PDF file conversion, so stick around, and your files will be converted in no time!

1.  Upload Your PDF File to the Server

Once you have landed on PDFBear’s website, you will see various PDF tools and services arranged on their homepage. Go to the PDF to Word toolbox to be directed to its tool page. From there, we can convert a PDF file to editable Word documents by first uploading the PDF file.


On the tool page, there is a workspace area where all the conversion processes will be done. To upload the file, click the Select Files button located at the center of the workspace. Your device’s file library window will pop out for you to locate and select the PDF document you wish to convert. After selecting the file, click Open and the server will immediately load and process your file.

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For desktop users, another method to upload your PDF file is to simply select the file from its file location, drag it towards the workspace area with your mouse, and then drop the file. It will also be uploaded to the server right away.


Batch processing, where you can upload and convert multiple PDF files to Word documents at once, is only applicable to PDF pro users. If you wish to avail of their membership plan, PDFBear offers a digital subscription of $59.99/ year or $5.99/month. They also have a 14-day free trial for you to test it out. In the meantime, for free users, you can only upload and convert one file at a time. Nonetheless, PDFBear has fast services, so converting multiple files wouldn’t be so much of a hassle and time-consuming.

2.  Select the Conversion Option


Now that your PDF file is uploaded to the server, the site will ask you to select how you want your file to be converted.


The first option, Convert to Word, will only scan the pages, and they will appear as image files in the Word document. And in the second option, Convert to Word with OCR, the scanned PDF pages will be converted to editable documents. However, the formatting of the file may change. The second option is only accessible to users who have access to PDFBear’s pro tools with their membership subscription.

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After selecting your desired conversion option, click the Choose Option. Your PDF file will be instantly converted accordingly. Depending on the size of your PDF file, your internet connection, as well as the conversion option you chose, you will have to wait for a few seconds to a minute as the site converts and processes your PDF file to Word.


While the conversion is being done, you can track its progress through the loading percentage while waiting. Once the conversion is completed, you will be sent to the last section of the tool page to finally download and share your file.

3.  Download and Share the PDF File


Your newly converted Word documents are now ready for download and sharing. And with PDFBear, they ensure that you get the best file conversion experience even until the very last step. Their tools have convenient download and file-sharing services that will make the work so much easier and better.


To download the Word file to your device, click the Download button. Your internet browser will immediately save the file through the site. You can find the downloaded file in the Downloads folder of your device.


As for file-sharing, PDFBear generates a shareable link that you can copy and use to send to your recipients. By just clicking the link, your recipients will be directed to the site, and they will have access to download the file through the site as well. Simply click the Copy Link button right beside the Download button.

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You can also send the file and the link via email, even with a personal message. Just click the Email button and enter the email addresses requested. Please be reminded that the link is only available until the next 14 days; after that, it will automatically be deleted in the PDFBear server.


The filename of the PDF file you uploaded will still be retained after its conversion. However, if you wish to rename the Word file before downloading and sharing it, click the pencil tool beside the file name. This is only accessible to pro users.


And to convert more PDF files to Word documents or reset the conversion process, you can go back to the first section of the tool page by clicking the Start Over button located at the top left corner of the workspace.


And that is all you need to do to convert your PDF files to Word documents. With just three easy and quick steps, you are done, and the best part, you only have to upload the file, and the site will do all the work. How convenient!


You also do not have to worry about the security of your files because PDFBear is a safe place equipped with the highest level of protection. The site will delete your files permanently after an hour unless you choose to save them to your account.

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For more tools and services related to PDF, feel free to explore the site. They will surely have a tool for that!


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