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Callum’s Corner Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Callum’s Corner
Full Name: Callum Adams
Age: 39 years
Birthday: 26 Sep
Nationality: British
Horoscope: Libra
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: $93k
Height: N/A
Profession: YouTube star
Gender: Male
Country: England
Eye Color: Green

Callum’s Corner is a British YouTube personality known for his crude humor and random vlog posts. Callum’s Corner has over 321k subscribers and 54 million views to date.

How old is Callum’s Corner

Callum Adams is 39 years old right now. He was born on September 26, 1981, in Lancashire, England. When he was six months old, he moved to the Isle of Wight. He spent his childhood there. Likewise, he has returned to the Isle of Wight.

Likewise, he has a large family. His father died an unspecified amount of time ago, despite the fact that his father had separated from his mother long before this after it was discovered that he had an affair and a second family with another woman. He has two sisters, one unnamed but frequently referred to as “the one he likes,” and his other sister “Amy,” who is frequently the antagonist in his videos. Callum describes her sister Amy as “life-ruining,” and her “militant veganism” fuels Callum’s thematic opposition to veganism.

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Caption: Youtuber Callum’s Corner
Caption: Youtuber Callum’s Corner (Photo: Devin)

Furthermore, he has two nieces (Amy’s children) and one nephew (the other sister’s son), Eddie, who has appeared in his videos. Callum also has many cousins, including Gregory[1], Cousin Pip, and Tim. Callum’s nationality is English.

How much is Callum’s Corner Net Worth?

Callums Corner is a British YouTuber who has earned a decent sum of money through his social media fame at the age of 39. As a result, he has a net worth of $93,000 as of September 2020. However, he is reaping the benefits of his social media fame as well.

Is Callum’s Corner single?

Callum’s Corner is straight and single when asked about his relationship status. He hasn’t married yet, and he doesn’t have any kids. He’s in his late thirties and hasn’t talked about his love life yet. However, he may be uninterested in getting into a relationship and prefers to be single.

Caption: Youtuber Callum’s Corner (Photo: Devin)
Caption: Youtuber Callum’s Corner (Photo: Devin)

There are no rumors or controversies surrounding his personal or professional life, and Callum’s Corner is currently free and enjoying his social media fame.

How tall is Callum’s Corner?

Callum’s Corner has green eyes. He has a bald head. Furthermore, despite his tall height, he has provided no information about his height, weight, or other body stats.

Caption: Youtuber Callum’s Corner (Photo: Devin)
Caption: Youtuber Callum’s Corner (Photo: Devin)

Career line of Callum’s Corner

  • Callum Adams, better known online as Callums Corner, is a professional English vlogger. He became an internet meme after posting an angry video threatening people who joked that his head was shaped like a Tic Tac.
  • However, he joined YouTube on January 5, 2016. In February of 2016, he posted his first video, which aimed to debunk veganism.
  • One of his most popular videos on the channel is “MY HEAD DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A SODDING TIC TAC.” A FINAL WARNING.” The video, which was posted on July 20, 2016, has received over 3.9 million views.
  • On October 22, 2016, he posted a video titled “My head does look like a sodding tic tac.” You win, and I surrender.” In the video, he admits that his head looks like “a sodding tic tac.” Similarly, on November 16, 2016, he launched a channel called “Tic Talks” shortly after admitting in his video.
  • Similarly, he began his video career on Facebook and YouTube by creating short videos that shared wisdom. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until WillNE reacted to his infamous “Tic Tac” video that he captured the attention of the large audience that he maintains to this day.
  • In this original video, the following Afghan Dan diss track, as well as his numerous appearances in other YouTubers’ videos, have cemented his place as an icon in the UK YouTube scene. Then he teamed up with Elliot Rodger and murdered Afghan Dan, but the crime was covered up.
  • Furthermore, his current videos include vlogs, meme reviews, videos of his wisdom, rants, challenges, self-defense, cooking, and life stories. He also has a secondary YouTube channel called Callum Does The Internet, where he used to do commentary videos.
  • Apart from when he’s playing poker on Fridays, he also streams on his Twitch account, CallumFromTheCorner, on a daily basis. He even plays games like Fortnite and forms squads with random people from his Twitch chat.
  • However, he is constantly bombarded with ‘troll donations,’ in which viewers pay relatively small sums of money to send a text-to-speech message or a video link that will play on stream.
  • It was intended for songs and music, but it was frequently used to play racist songs and Elliot Rodger, a fan of the Callum Twitch community.
  • He’s even made a name for himself as a musician, writing songs with a message, such as an anti-concert song, an anti-hate song, an anti-vegan song, and a diss track on Stephen Tries. Tom Stockdale is his regular musical collaborator as well as his best YouTube friend.
  • Furthermore, he has an active and devoted fan base with whom he interacts via streams, discord, video games, and other mediums. These fans adore him for his sense of humour, meme potential, approachable personality, music collection, and never-ending wisdom.
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