November 19, 2021


Blarg Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Blarg
Full Name: Blarg
Age: 25 years
Birthday: 29 Oct
Birthplace: Windsor, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Scorpio
Dating: Danielle Cameron
Net Worth: $1-3 million
Height: N/A
Profession: YouTuber
Sibling: N/A

Matthew Elias, also known as Blarg on various social media platforms, is a Canadian YouTuber. Blarg, too, is a Twitch gaming streamer.

How old is Blarg?

Blarg, as he is known by his fans all over the world, is a 24-year-old man. Matthew Elias is his real name. Similarly, he was born on October 29, 1996. Blarg was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio. He was born in Windsor, Canada. As a result, he is a Canadian nationality. He doesn’t appear to have shared any information about his family on the internet.

Despite the fact that the majority of his work is done online, he prefers to keep his family life to a small circle of friends and family. There is no information about his parents, their occupation, or anything else. Similarly, it is unknown if he has any siblings. Blarg, on the other hand, owns a black cat named Doug as a pet.

Education of Blarg

There are no specific details about his education available. However, given his age, he must be in college or have completed college. Blarg is extremely creative and talented in the fields of digital content creation, video editing, and production. This could have been something he was interested in during his school years as well. The specifics of his school and colleges are still being worked out.

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How much is Blarg net worth?

The other YouTuber earns around $384,000 per month from YouTube, which is a very nice sum of money. Similarly, he earns money from Twitch, where he live-streams his gaming. His net worth could range between $1 and $3 million. However, accurate statistics are not yet available. There are no details about the properties he owns.

Is Blarg dating someone?

He is currently dating Danielle Cameron. They appear to have been dating for several years. They appear to be in a committed relationship. We frequently see them posting pictures of them both on social media. However, the exact date they began dating is unknown.

How tall is Blarg?

Blarg stands 6 feet tall. He has a standard build. Similarly, he has lovely hazel eyes and light brown hair. His weight and other body measurements, however, are not currently available. More information is still being compiled.

Career line of Blarg

  • Blarg, aka Matthew Elias, has been doing YouTube for a long time. On December 12, 2015, he launched his YouTube channel for the first time. As a result, it has been nearly six years since he created digital content. His primary channel is @Blarg. Blarg’s YouTube channel contains gaming-related videos.
  • Every Tuesday and Friday, he updates his YouTube channel. He currently has 213 videos on his channel. In February of 2017, he uploaded his first video. Since then, he has consistently shared various gaming techniques and reviews on his YouTube channel.
  • One of his most popular uploads on the channel is a video titled “Best of Blarg and friends 2019-Rainbow 6 Seige, COD, CS: GO, Scribblio, and more.” This video on his channel has 3.2 million views on YouTube. His audience and subscribers have steadily grown over time and continue to do so. He currently has 442k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Matthew is also a Twitch streamer in addition to YouTube.
  • He streams live on the app while gaming. He also has a sizable following on the app. Blarg is gradually gaining popularity around the world.
  • It is safe to say that he has made a successful career out of YouTube and digital content creation over the years.
  • Similarly, on November 25, 2019, he launched another YouTube channel called @Good Enough. This is his second YouTube channel, where he posts car-related videos.
  • On his second channel, he has 43.4k subscribers. He also does podcasts with his friends on the same platform, but on a different channel.
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