March 25, 2021


BeeTV Mod APK 2.8.6 (No ads)

BeeTV Mod APK 2.8.6 (No ads)

Download BeeTV Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to watch movies and tv shows for free! Watch thousands of titles now without limits!

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1 What is BeeTV?2 Features of BeeTV3 Download BeeTV Mod APK for Android – No ads
Name BeeTV
Updated Jul 10, 2021
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.8.6
Size 15.4 MB
MOD No ads
Category Entertainment
Developer BeeTV
Price Free
MOD Features+
  • No ads

Note: Install Titan Player mod no ads to watch (if the application requires to do that)

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Movies and tv shows are everywhere these days. We can’t deny the fact the people are getting into flicks and shows more and more each year. Because of this, the demand for the flicks have been going up lately. Thanks to the streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, this demand is being met.


But the problem with these popular streaming platforms is that they cost a monthly subscription fee! And for most people, this is considered a luxury already. But if you have an internet connection, you can just search for your movies and shows on the internet! The internet holds vast movies and shows available for everyone. But that means that you will have to search for eternity just to find the websites that offer these. But don’t worry as BeeTV can help you! This revolutionary app provides you with accessible streaming links for all your favorite shows and movies! Read on to learn more.

What is BeeTV?

Over the decades, we’ve seen how our entertainment system has progressed. At the start, we’ve only been able to watch movies in theaters. Then came the television and suddenly entertainment was at every home. Back then, everyone was truly fascinated at how these screen boxes can air movies and tv shows that weren’t possible previously.

But as we got into the past few years, the existence of streaming platforms made watching T.V. became an old thing. Now, we can watch any movie or show we like on demand! Thanks to the success of streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu and many more, we’ve reached another technological advancement. This advancement allows us to get our money’s worth. Previously, cable subscriptions offer tons of channels that we don’t even use. And then we still pay a monthly subscription for those! In addition, we got busier as human beings. Making it impossible to watch our favorite movies and shows when they air on T.V. That’s why the existence of streaming platforms makes a huge impact to how we entertain ourselves today.


Nowadays, we can watch any movie or show, classic or modern thanks to streaming platforms. But the only problem with these is that they cost a monthly subscription fee! This is something that some people can’t afford. So, they search in the internet instead for their movies and shows. However, the internet is so vast. It would take an eternity just to search for your movies and shows. But thanks to BeeTV, that all changes today! This revolutionary app gives you all the links to the classic and popular movies and tv shows! This app crawls the internet and searches for all the movies and shows for you. Then, it provides everything you need to watch the videos in the app. All of these plus more features await you in the app! Read on to learn more.

Features of BeeTV

BeeTV is an awesome app that allows you to watch movies and shows for free! It crawls the web for any movie and show link that you may like. Here are the features:

Thousands of titles – BeeTV features thousands of titles for movies and tv shows. This means that you can watch any classic or modern movies and shows that you’d like. Thanks to this revolutionary app, it gives you all the links of these movies and shows that are publicly accessible online. This means that you don’t have to search the internet for these which would take an eternity! And there’s a huge collection of these in this app. They regularly update the app to provide all the fresh movies and shows available for users. This means that you virtually don’t have to pay a single cent just to enjoy a viewing experience.


Download – Another great thing that this app offers is that it allows you to download videos with a single click! This means that you can watch videos offline anywhere you are once you’ve downloaded them! Just search for the movie or show you’d like and you can download it with a single click. Now you don’t have to constantly connect to the internet just to watch your favorite movies and shows. This feature is available to most popular streaming applications such as Netflix. And it’s made available to BeeTV users for free!

High-quality – Whatever you want to watch, you can be assured that you can watch it in the highest quality possible. This app offers HD resolutions for most movies and tv shows on the app. Now you don’t have to suffer subpar qualities just to enjoy watching your videos. This also means that you can choose which resolution you’d like to watch your videos on to save mobile data.

Chromecast – This app also allows you to cast your device to Chromecast! Now you can watch your favorite movies and shows on a bigger screen than your phone. You don’t have to suffer watching in a small screen ever again thanks to this app. Just simply connect it to the T.V. using Chromecast and you’re all set!


Categories – This app also has tons of categories for you to choose from. From genres such as horror, action, comedy, romance, thriller, documentary, news and sports – the app has it all! It also lists out the most popular videos and the trending ones.

No registration – What makes this app extra special is the fact that you don’t need to create an account to use it! This means that you don’t have to worry about data privacy as the app doesn’t ask for your email or name. Just download the app and you can watch any movie or show without fail! That’s how simple and revolutionary this app is.

Free – Popular streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu are great. However, they cost a monthly subscription fee! But with BeeTV, you don’t have to pay anything to watch! That’s the power of this revolutionary app.


Trailers – You can also watch movie and show trailers straight from the app. Now you don’t have to use third-party apps such as YouTube just to watch the trailers. This allows for a more seamless viewing experience!

Watchlist – The app also allows you to add movies and shows to a watchlist! This will make watching so much easier.

Download BeeTV Mod APK for Android – No ads

BeeTV is an awesome and revolutionary streaming app that allows you to watch thousands of titles for free! Download the latest version now!


Download BeeTV [15.4 MB]


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