October 4, 2021


7 Reasons Why Learning to Play Bass Guitar is Great for Kids

The bass guitar has been around for as long as we can recall. They are an important aspect of modern pop music and every band you can think of usually has at least one bassist in the group.

The role of a bassist is to connect the melody, rhythm, and harmony of the songs in a way that the tube amplifier amplifies the music. It also serves as a bridge to connect the drummer to the lead guitar and works to keep the overall sound of the band consistent and uniform.

These are among many other reasons why learning a bass guitar is absolutely necessary especially for younger guitarists who want to do this on a more professional level in the future.

Following are the main reasons why you should encourage your guitar-loving kid to learn to play bass as well.

1. More Gigs and Bands Openings

Most guitarists go for the traditional guitar and they do not have complete command over the bass instrument.  This is the main reason most bands seem to look for bassists more than they do for lead guitarists.

They need someone who can play the bass and your kid can be that person. This gives your kid more exposure and can actually help their musical career down the line.

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2. Better Understanding of Rhythm

Rhythm is among the three most important foundations of any song. The others are harmony, and melody. Rhythm is absolutely essential in keeping the music consistent and giving life and energy to the listeners.

Playing bass accurately allows you to conquer this important skill and helps you to play your music in a way that adds value to the band as well as excites the audience.

3. Learn Two Instruments at Once

The main difference between a bass and normal guitar is generally the number of strings. A bass usually has four strings while a guitar has 6 and often more than six. Thus, by learning bass first, your kid can easily learn the traditional guitar-based on his/her previous experience.

The very little difference between bass and normal guitar allows you to expand your skillset in the least amount of time and you gain confidence in your playing.

4. A Great Hobby

Even if someone does not want to take on bass or even normal guitar for that matter, as a career but they still want to enjoy playing music, the bass is the most suitable choice for such people. It is a bit easier, takes little time to learn and the rewards are great.

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Taking just a few lessons of this great instrument makes you able to improvise and come up with your own stuff that you can play for yourself, family, or friends.

5. Fewer Chord Shapes to Remember

Some chords are harder than others, every guitarist knows that. Learning hard chords like Barre chords can be so frustrating. In bass, however, the number of chords is very less and some of the time you can contribute a lot to the song without even having to play any chord at all.

You just need to know the right rhythmic notes for the song and you are good to go.

6. Hands Dexterity

Playing bass requires you to hit the right notes at the right time to create the most desirable sound for the current track. This involves moving your fingers up and down the fretboard accurately.

This way bass guitar gives your hands the necessary exercise and increases their dexterity which can be used to play other instruments like the 6-strings guitar and piano more efficiently.

7. Making New and Exciting Friends

If your kid loves bass and goes regularly to learn it at some school, he/she will make friends with more kids with similar interests. This gives them a sense of competition and they strive to master the instrument with enthusiasm. Thus, learning bass guitar can serve as a way for your kid to develop deep friendships and connections with other similar instrument players.

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Final Thoughts

So, now you know what makes bass guitars great for kids of all ages. If you are looking to buy high-quality and affordable bass guitar for your kid then check it out here.

All the above-mentioned points clearly show why learning bass is essential for every aspiring musician and what are the rewards of spending a little time on this fun instrument.

We hope this information helps and once again we urge you to encourage learning bass guitar for your kids for their better musical career.



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