September 22, 2021


5 Perks of Using A Reliable PDF Converter Tool

There are many PDF apps that can help you open and view PDF files. Notwithstanding, to really make changes to your documents, you need something further developed, a much reliable tool to use. For instance, GogoPDF, a web-based PDF tool, will allow you to access its features to convert any file from one format to another, add e-Sign to your documents, add watermarks on your files, merge and split documents, and many more useful tools.

Moreover, PDF converters simply take altering or modifying your file to a higher level. These web-based or downloadable tools that you need to install on your computer permit you to quickly and efficiently convert PDF files into any desired file format. And if you want to store a confidential PDF file for a long time, converting PDF to PDF/A would be done in just a few clicks via the right PDF converter tool. Here are even the five perks listed that may convince you to use a PDF tool next time managing bunches of your files.

1.  Quick conversion process

With the use of a reliable PDF converter, you can guarantee to experience the quick conversion process of PDF to Word and Excel files, PDF to PDFA files, PDF to JPG, or the other way around. Whether it’s a task at work or an assignment at school, a reliable PDF tool can help you manage many files. Many PDF converter tools online have always affirmed that, in just a few clicks or about a minute to two, your file is already converted, merged, split, etc., and ready for download. Any task can be simply done via a PDF converter; all you need to do is look for the right and reliable one, just like we’ve mentioned, the GogoPDF tool.

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2. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature

Suppose you’re currently adding the entirety of your paper records into your computerized stockpiling system. In that case, PDF converters can make things a lot quicker. Rather than typing each word the hard way, you can filter records rapidly. Take note that OCR can read and capture the content of your documents like a flash, allowing you to enter the advanced process as quickly as expected for a PDF tool.

3. e-Sign feature

Numerous computerized organizations or businesses need to get their clients’ signatures for a certain agreement or contract. Rather than mailing a paper contract, anyone can just send the contract to their direct receiver, providing them the access to use the e-Sign feature of the PDF tool and let them attach their signature. As many PDF tools advertised, you can simply send the file contract directly to a client’s inbox for signing. You should simply open the PDF in your favored editorial manager and click on the “virtual sign” option. You can add a customized signature or just utilize your finger to sign the archive.

4. User-friendly feature

PDF documents are all-around workable. In any case, PDF reader apps don’t generally allow you to do some changes to your files. But with the use of a reliable PDF converter tool, any change or file conversion can be done in just a few clicks. Plus, many of the accessible PDF tools on the internet offer a user-friendly interface that even a not tech-savvy person can use without needing an expert or watching a tutorial on YouTube. Every feature of a PDF web-based tool is much easier to use than you could ever imagine; it is easily adaptable.

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5. Save time and effort

Changing PDFs over to DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPEG, and other file formats can save you much time and effort if you’re using the right and reliable PDF converter tool. By changing PDF to PDF/A, for instance, all you need to do is visit the official land page of the PDF tool directly, look for the PDF to PDF/A tool, and click it. Then, start uploading your PDF files, and the conversion process will be done soon. Lastly, wait for about a minute or two, and finally, your file is now ready for download.

Bonus: Is it advantageous to opt for a premium version of the PDF tool?

Yes, there are many PDF tools online that are accessible for free. However, free users are not allowed to access some features that might be useful for you. If your task is to handle and manage bunches of files every day, opting for a premium version will be a great investment. It’s not just the extra features unlocked for you, but it is also about the full security and privacy of your files, as some of the free PDF converters aren’t reliable that probably unwanted users can access your documents.


Using a PDF converter tool can really help you to quickly finish a certain task. Whether you want to convert, merge, edit, or sign a document, a right and reliable PDF tool can do it for you. Plus, there are numerous web-based PDF converter tools available today, and some of them offer a user-friendly interface. All you need to do is look for what’s best suited to your needs.

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