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Your New House Must Feel Like Home: How Do You Make It Happen? - Latest Marketplace
January 20, 2022


Your New House Must Feel Like Home: How Do You Make It Happen?

It is perfectly okay to be intimidated by a new house. The first few days or weeks may feel overwhelming, and the feeling of newness may prevent you from feeling at home in your new space. Bear in mind that feeling at home is all about perception. You can tend and develop a sense of hominess regardless of where you’re living. Throw in a bathroom remodeling into the mix if that will take away the uneasiness that comes with moving into a new house. Make the new space feel like home by personalizing every room including the bathroom. Here is how you can personalize your space.

Dress up your walls with some personalized artwork and family photos

Revive your walls by hanging personalized art pieces. You don’t have to fill every wall space with art pieces or family portraits. Ensure every piece you hang on the wall matches with the décor, tones, and themes in the house. Let the artwork and your family portraits blend in with every piece of furniture, rug, lampshade, vase, and lighting fixtures in the house.

Set up or remodel your bathroom

Don’t overlook your bathroom. It is the smallest, yet busiest room in your new house. Add a sense of fun and personality to your bathroom. Make the bathroom airy by creating more floor space, using lots of whites, and using bold and large-scale lighting. Add plants in the bathroom. Yes, plants can survive in the bathroom. They add aesthetics to your bathroom and create a sense of whimsiness. You can go for a complete bathroom remodeling or simply switch up a few things to add personality and character to the bathroom. Since you will be dealing with plumbing and other complex fixtures, hire a bathroom remodeling contractor to take the stress off your hands. Hire experienced contractors. If possible, get recommendations from family and friends.

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Fill your house with good and familiar scents

Nothing beats homely like a nice cinnamon-lemony scent in your new home. You can opt for DIY scents such as simmering a mix of lemon, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla extract on the stovetop, lighting up scented candles, baking cinnamon goodies, or simply baking up vanilla extract.

Flower and plants

Give your new house a touch of freshness and elegance by adding plants and flowers. You can also set up plants you had planted in your previous house to create a sense of familiarity. If you are cultivating the plant inside your house then it is very much possible for the plant to not have direct sunlight. You must have LED grow lights beside your plant to make it a better one. Set the flowers and plants in entryways, awkward corners in the house, front doors, the kitchen, dining area, and other rooms in the house to enhance coziness and real warmth in your home.

Rugs and mats

Create a soft, warm, and welcoming first impression by putting rugs on the front door and the entryway. If you detest your new floors, use mats and rugs all over the house to personalize your floors. Don’t go overboard with patterns and colors. Let the rugs and mats blend with the furniture, décor items, curtains, and your walls. Don’t forget to add a rug and matt to your bathroom remodeling budget.

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Use your books as décor items in every part of your house

Express your love for books by using books as décor items. Books create a calming aura in a room. You can invest in a floating bookshelf in your living room, wittingly stack your books on the coffee table, or invest in decorative bookends. Don’t forget your kitchen and bathroom.

Set up all the utilities

Get settled by setting up all the essential utilities in the house. Yes, I know. It is the most cumbersome and boring aspect of moving into a new house. You need to make sure you have working internet, cable, water, gas, electricity, and trash pick-up when you move into your new home. A sense of newness may creep in if you move into a new house, and alas, none of the utilities work. Don’t forget to fill up your fridge and stock up on all the vital essentials.


Don’t let a new house deny you the chance of building a cozy and warm abode. Tiny alterations like hanging up your pictures, going with a softer color palette, or snuggling your feet under warm rugs and mats makes a new house feel homey. You don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to bring your personality into your new space.

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