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WisteriaMoon Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Husband

Facts of WisteriaMoon
Full Name: Mia
Age: 23 years
Birthday: 01 Jul
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Libra
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: $19K
Height: N/A
Profession: YouTuber, Instagram Star, Vlogger, Gamer
Country: USA
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde

WisteriaMoon is an Animal Jam YouTuber. WisteriaMoon rose to prominence by creating kid-friendly gameplay content for games such as ‘Transformice,’ ‘Roblox,’ and ‘Star Stable.’

How old is WisteriaMoon?

WisteriaMoon was born as Mia on July 1, 1998, in the United States. Her birthday is in 2020, and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Nothing is known about her family except that they are very supportive of her. They also assist her in running her online merchandise store. Furthermore, her graduation ceremony was canceled due to COVID-19. She will, however, graduate from high school on June 22, 2020.

Caption: Youtuber WisteriaMoon
Caption: Youtuber WisteriaMoon (Photo: Youtube)

How much does WisteriaMoon earn?

In terms of earnings, her YouTube gaming career could net her a tidy sum. She does, however, have a net worth of around $19,000 as of June 2020.

Is WisteriaMoon single?

She has not revealed anything about her love life in her personal life. She has never made public any of her previous or current relationships. She did, however, meet Julian, a fellow ‘Animal Jam’ player, in April 2015. And the two were rumored to be dating.

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Caption: Youtuber WisteriaMoon with his boyfriend
Caption: Youtuber WisteriaMoon with his boyfriend (Photo: Amino)

There is currently no specific information available about her dating history. However, she is most likely single at the moment. Mia is undoubtedly concentrating on her career and honing her gaming skills.

How tall is WisteriaMoon?

Mia is a lovely young lady with a fantastic personality. She is attractive and has a fair complexion. She is quite tall and of average weight, which complements her body shape perfectly. As a result, Mia has not revealed any of her body measurements. She also has hazel eyes and blonde hair, which complement her personality.

Caption: Youtuber WisteriaMoon
Caption: Youtuber WisteriaMoon (Photo: Youtube)

Career line of WisteriaMoon

  • On March 29, 2013, she launched her YouTube channel ‘WisteriaMoon’ as a hobby. Her first video was a short film titled ‘Animal Jam Music Video: Demons (Imagine Dragons).’
  • It was well received by game fans, who began urging her to post more similar and gameplay content. That inspired her to create content such as ‘Tunnel Town Intro & Tutorial!’ and ‘Animal Jam Music Video: Knee Socks (AM).’
  • As a result, both videos were well received by viewers, prompting ‘WisteriaMoon’ to create and publish the short film ‘Brave –
  • Animal Jam Short Film’ on November 30, 2013. Based on Christina Perri’s music “A Thousand Years,” the video became a watershed moment in her career and has since become the most popular video on her channel.
  • Similarly, the success of the video prompted WisteriaMoon to prioritize content creation. Because of the kid-friendly nature of her videos, she was one of the few YouTube creators who was universally liked by both parents and kids.
  • Videos like ‘Animal Jam: Horse Coins Gone Forever’ and ‘Animal Jam App: Play Wild Beta! (Exclusive Look)’ began gaining thousands of views for her channel.
  • Around the same time, she began collaborating with other gamers such as Julian and Appari in videos such as ‘Mailtime+ New Den! Ft. Julian2’, ‘I Got An Animal Jam Boyfriend’, and ‘Jammer Impressions!
  • Ft. Aparri, GummyUnicorn, Julian2, Snowyclaw, & Wootmoo’. These only added to her already burgeoning popularity.
  • Her sole focus on ‘Animal Jam’ videos began to wear her down. In her June 2018 video titled ‘Not Quitting, But…,’ she explained that she was tired of creating the same content over and over. While she still enjoyed the game, her online gaming persona was clashing with her personal life.
  • Furthermore, the majority of her viewers were getting older, which resulted in fewer views on her videos.
  • As a result, Mia decided to take a step back and announce that, while she would continue to create Animal Jam content, she would also launch a second YouTube channel called ‘WisteriaLife.’
  • Furthermore, the first video was posted on June 9, 2018, and the channel focuses on lifestyle vlogs and her day-to-day life. Mia also has a sizable Instagram following of 86.1K followers.
  • She uses it to promote her merchandise store, her Animal Jam art, and to keep her followers up to date. Fans appreciate her using the platform to provide a more in-depth look into her personal life.
  • Due to COPPA being placed on YouTube, she intends to switch her channel to uploading about Feral as of January 1st, 2020. As a result, WisteriaMoon strives to upload on a daily basis.
  • In her videos, she appears to be energetic, enthusiastic, and happy. She mostly uploads glitches, updates, den decorating, live streams, and so on.
  • She also makes videos for other games, such as “Transformice” and “Feral.” She is one of the rarest jammers in the game, as she is the sole owner of the pearly tiara.
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