August 23, 2021


Why Pililokal Advocates Pinoys to Buy Filipino Products

Why Pililokal Advocates Pinoys to Buy Filipino Products | When it comes to deciding the best handmade Filipino products, there is no better choice of platform than Pililokal.


In the majority of cases, most Filipinos experienced difficulty when it comes to selecting Filipino made products. As they said, this is all about you and your tastes and options, marketplaces are born out of purchaser desires, or a massive enough institution of individuals who need things that they can’t generally locate online.


Yet with so many options out there, with Ecommerce giants like Amazon, Shopify that are taking over the industry, with new websites being born everyday, and ad promotions that are pushed to you every time you use social media.


Filipino online consumers are finding it more difficult to choose our own soil made product, with everything at the palm of your hands, and options at your fingertips, everyone will find it hard to choose our own.


More Fun In The Philippines

It’s more fun in the Philippines, the famous saying of all locals, for the Philippines truly has it all.


When it comes to producing first-rate couches, necessities, clean tables, tea infusers, tampipi baskets, the Philippines dominate the whole market. Those Filipino made merchandise are designed by using the word magnificent, Filipino artisans have perfected their crafts, with their materials made with the finest substances there is.


This can genuinely deliver excitement and pleasure to the consumers and usual artisan clients. These merchandises are also for the customers who’re seeking to acquire their aesthetic and minimalist ideas.


Why Pililokal


With the wonderful work output from the tough-operating Filipino fellowmen who made these merchandise with their coronary heart and soul, the standard artisan buyers are in for a treat,


No longer are the consumers disappointed, because the goods were made from the best of elements.


Most of all, you have additional offers that are way less expensive than the giant marketplace, along with guaranteed pleasure to the purchasers.


The Pililokal marketplace satisfies the big marketplace of artisan lovers by means of giving them the enjoyment of getting luxurious artisan merchandise for them to select all at the tip of their fingertips.


It’s certainly the paradise of every artisan consumer.


Modern Day Ecommerce Enterprise


In state-of-the-art present-day ecommerce market standards, the opposition for clients was at an all time high.


Yet, the structures and precision that Pililokal offers, are beyond the varieties of excessive quality filipino made artisan merchandise, that are made by world class filipino artisans.


As we witness the beginnings of a new generation of Ecommerce, there’s nevertheless no assurance for us to know what’s gonna happen in the expecting unseen future, however with  Pililokal has to offer, the future of Filipino handmade products is in good hands.




Because, most ecommerce marketplaces offer all depends on the tastes on the subject of the selection of product satisfactory. Pililokal has made sure that all your artisan needs are met.


Pilí’s expertise lies in launching the local marketplace for authentic and handcrafted goods. This e-commerce platform is the home of local sellers to maximize their businesses in the community.


Pili presents three main problems:


– What are Filipino products?

– Who are the Filipino artisans/makers?

– Where do they sell?


Pili Lokal aims to solve these issues by establishing a website platform where consumers can:


– Know what Filipino products are

– Identify Filipino merchants

– Access a community of buyers and Filipino sellers


Want to support local businesses but don’t know how to? Well, get your shopping thumbs ready for PILI will soon launch its website with offers from unique local stores. This is your time to give back to your community and help Filipino entrepreneurs!


For interested merchants, simply send your queries to [email protected] or contact us at +63998 902 2096. 

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