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Who are Flora Oosterhouse Parents? Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height & Career

Facts of Flora Oosterhouse
Full Name: Flora Oosterhouse
Age: 5 Years old
Birthday: December of 2016
Birthplace: Michigan, United States
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Capricorn
Parents: Carter Oosterhouse, Amy Smart
Net Worth: $8 million
Height: N/A
Profession: Celebrity Daughter
Sibling: N/A

Carter and Amy Smart have a daughter named Flora. She is the daughter of a famous person.

What is the Age of Flora Oosterhouse?

Flora was born under the Capricorn zodiac sign in late December of 2016. Her hair is blonde, and her grey eyes are lovely. Flora currently resides in Michigan, United States, with her parents. Surrogacy was used to deliver her. Oosterhouse is about to begin her first year of elementary school. Her parents frequently instruct her at home. Her father obtained a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and communication from Central Michigan University. Her mother graduated from Palisades High School and is a well-known figure in the community.

Flora Oosterhouse
Caption: Flora Oosterhouse, Celebrity Daughter (Photo: Celebrities InfoSeeMedia)

Her film producer and model father named her Oosterhouse. On September 19th, 1976, he was born. Her mother, too, is an actress from the United States of America. Her date of birthdate is March 26th, 1976. There isn’t a sibling for Oosterhouse. Her parents’ only daughter. Furthermore, there has been no fresh information on whether or not she will be welcoming a new family member. Flora has two grandparents on her father’s side: Roland Oosterhouse and Mary López. In addition, her maternal grandparents are Judy Lysle Carrington and John Boden Smart.

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What is Flora Oosterhouse Net Worth?

Flora Oosterhouse
Caption: Flora Oosterhouse, Celebrity Daughter (Photo: eCelebrityMirror)

Flora is far too young to possess a home. She has only recently begun to acquire basic life skills. Her father, on the other hand, has a $8 million fortune from his film career. Flora’s mother, likewise, has a net worth of $10 million.

How is Flora Oosterhouse Parent’s Married Life?

Following a year of dating, Carter married his better half on September 10, 2011. They met when the couple decided to work together on a school garden. The actor pair hasn’t been married in almost a decade. Aunt Flora from Oosterhouse has a niece. Sienna Penick is her official name.

Flora’s father’s younger sister. Penick’s working life is remains a mystery. She adores and looks after her niece, however. Uncle Oosterhouse has two uncles, according to Flora. Her father’s brothers are the ones she is talking about. Their given names are Todd and Tyler Oosterhouse. Todd is currently working in the carpentry industry, while Tyler has yet to disclose his profession.

Flora Oosterhouse Parent’s Career Line

  • Flora’s Father Carter started his filmmaking career in 2012 after appearing on the television show Million Dollar Rooms. This series had him as the executive producer.
  • Flora Oosterhouse
    Caption: Flora Oosterhouse, Celebrity Daughter (Photo: People)

  • He most recently appeared in Frederique and Carter’s Home Grown Makeover, a 2016 TV show.
  • Amy, Flora’s mother, launched her acting career in 1993 with The Lemonheads: It’s About Time, a short music video.
  • Amy landed roles in well-known films and television shows such as The Last Time I Committed Suicide, Campfire Tales, Felicity, and others following her dazzling debut.
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