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Wesley Johnson Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Wesley Johnson
Full Name: Wesley Johnson
Age: 33 years
Birthday: 23 May
Birthplace: Ohio
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Gemini
Status: single
Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million
Height: 6 feet 3 inches (1.91m)
Profession: YouTuber, Instagram Star, cosplayer, Twitch streamer
Sibling: two (Trenton and Brenden)

Wesley Johnson is an American YouTuber, cosplayer, Twitch streamer, and part-time member of Smosh Games. Wesley Johnson is best known to his online fans as ‘WesTheEditor.’

How old is Wesley Johnson?

Wesley Johnson was born on May 23, 1988, in Ohio, USA. He eventually settled in Southern California. He will be 32 years old in 2020, and he was born under the sign of Gemini. He also has two brothers, Trenton and Brenden. There are no other details about his family members. There are no details about his education as well.

Wesley Johnson
Caption: Wesley Johnson, YouTuber, Instagram Star, cosplayer, Twitch streamer (Photo; NBA.com)

Wes wanted to be an actual spy as a child, according to one of his Q&A videos on his personal channel, and he stated that if he wasn’t so family-oriented, he could have chosen that career path.Wes is allergic to bananas. The precise nature of his allergy is unknown, but it is implied that it will have severe consequences. Wes’s childlike and optimistic personality is one of his defining characteristics, so much so that he has been described as “annoyingly happy all the time.” Other Smosh Games members have referred to him as “an eight-year-old trapped inside an adult body.”

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Wes has an extreme love of candy, which is implied to be more of an obsession. He is particularly fond of chocolate, donuts, ice cream, and milkshakes. He enjoys and is skilled at cooking. His specialty is chocolate chip pancakes, which he makes on a regular basis.

How much is Wesley Johnson’s Net Worth?

Wesley Johnson
Caption: Wesley Johnson, YouTuber, Instagram Star, cosplayer, Twitch streamer (Photo: The Famous People)

He could earn a lot of money from his social media activities. His gaming videos would make him a fortune. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million.

Who is Wesley Johnson dating?

Wes dated actress Isabelle Lynn from 2014 to early 2018. They were married from August 5, 2016, to an unknown date in 2018. They ended their relationship in the first half of that year for unknown reasons, though it can be assumed that the two did not end amicably based on comments made by both Wes and Courtney during the SmoshCast episode in which he was featured.

Wes began dating cosplayer Taylor Bloxham (@rolyatistaylor), whom he met at Fanexpo, in June 2018. Taylor confirmed this, as did Boze in a Livestream. They were seen together in many photos on their social media accounts, as well as on Wes’s brother’s Instagram, where he referred to them all as a “crazy family.”

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Wes released a video on WesIRL called “I Have Depression and That’s Ok” on January 28, 2019, in which he revealed (among other things) that he and Taylor had broken up. It’s mostly due to difficulties in maintaining a long-distance relationship. Wes confirmed in the video that they are still close friends and will continue to cosplay together, but that they both agreed that breaking up was the best decision.

Wes posted a picture of himself on Instagram with cosplayer Sarah Hendo in July 2019. Though he had previously posted pictures with Hendo, he revealed in the caption of this post that she was his girlfriend and that he felt “lucky” to be dating her. He previously dated actress Remina West. Mari, a Smosh Games member, confirmed in a New Element Six video in mid-April 2020 that Wes is single.

How tall is Wesley Johnson?

He has a wonderful personality. Wes had a henna tattoo on his right arm. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 63 kilograms. His natural hair color is brown, but he has silver dyed it. He, too, has dark green eyes. There are no other details about his body measurements.

Career line of Wesley Johnson

  • Wes is described as one of the ‘newer’ additions to Smosh Games, which means he is one of the four hosts who did not join the original lineup. He enjoys cosplaying and gaming, and has been posting videos on a personal channel since 2014, resuming in 2018 with a new one after losing his first.
  • Wesley Johnson
    Caption: Wesley Johnson, YouTuber, Instagram Star, cosplayer, Twitch streamer (Photo: Playerswiki)

  • Wes has also done acting on YouTube, including playing Tate Kelly in the film “Breaking Point,” and has appeared in acclaimed films such as “Nazis at the Center of the Earth.” Furthermore, as a member of Smosh Games, he has appeared on numerous episodes of Grand Theft Smosh, Maricraft, Game Bang, Cell Outs, and Friendly Fire.
  • Wes started his own YouTube channel, WesTheEditor, in 2014, focusing on video games and other vlogs. As of June 2018, the channel had more than 126,100 subscribers.
  • Nonetheless, after Defy Media ceased operations, Wes could no longer access the channel, and by December 2018, the channel had been deleted, presumably by a surviving Defy Media employee. Similarly, in response to the loss of his first channel, Wes created a new channel called ‘WesIRL.’
  • On April 10, 2019, Jovenshire confirmed in the comments of a video on his personal channel that he, Sohinki, and Wes would not be returning to Smosh Games as full-time members, with their status being officially confirmed as part-time in the eleventh episode of SmoshCast on May 1, 2019.
  • Wes is a “semi-professional paintballer.” This was mentioned by Lasercorn in CHIVALRY & PAINTBALL PUNISHMENT, which was also Wes’s first official Smosh Games appearance. He does not have a regular streaming schedule.
  • Wes renamed his channel ‘IRL Bros’ in early August of 2019. He later not only created a Patreon for the channel, but also confirmed that he and his brother would be working on it full-time. After sporadic streaming since late 2016, he resumed Twitch streaming in late February 2020.
  • Furthermore, after sporadic streaming since late 2016, he resumed Twitch streaming in late February 2020. Similarly, Wes, along with other former Smosh Games members, launched New Element Six in early March 2020.
  • The show began on the AtomicMari channel, but it now has its own channel, New Element Six. Its members are Wes, Mari, Joven, Lasercorn, Sohinki, and Flitz.
  • Wes appeared in the first season of the soap opera web series Breaking Point as Tate Kelly, one of the main character’s sons. He was cast as Link in the short film The Zelda Project: Final Battle. The film was supposed to be released in 2015, but as of 2019, it has yet to be released.
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