August 28, 2021


Viber Spy Using AddSpy: How To Spy On Viber App

Viber Spy: In this article we mentioned about the how to Viber spy using AddSpy. So read this article for complete information. I hope this article will help you to do Spy on Viber App. Viber is one of the most popular apps right now, so if they all want to protect their parents, get familiar with it.

Viber is an app for phones and other mobile devices that allows you to send both text messages and voice calls via the Wi-Fi or data plan to which your device is connected. Do you feel abandoned because your children use all these prophets? Do you want to put all your worries aside and track your child’s chats, no matter what chat messenger he uses?

Are you want to collect all this information in one place? If so, AddSpy is the perfect option for you. With AddSpy, you can remotely view all your Viber chats and your kid’s device data from the AddSpy dashboard. AddSpy provides a powerful Viber tracking feature that gives you a brief overview of all Viber activities.

What Is Viber?

AddSpy is a Viber tracking spy app that permits users to watch incoming and outgoing messages and calls. If you actually want to ascertain the activity of Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp, you will do so with the AddSpy Phone Monitoring mobile software. Smart software saves all SMS and calls. He can take screenshots and pictures. This allows you to keep track of your web search history and geolocation.

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AddSpy telephone Tracker is extremely useful for parents, spouses and business people. There are some ways to use it and its benefits. Viber was introduced in 2010. this is often an application that permits you to form free Wi-Fi calls or call other users who have Viber Messenger installed. This also permits you to send text messages, pictures, video, and audio messages, documents, and files.

The reputation of the Viber app has grown over the years. By 2020, quite 200 million people worldwide will use it. There is an easy explanation for this success. The program has many benefits. one among them is that users can install this application on different devices. That runs on Mac OS, Android, Windows, and other systems

How does Viber Spy work?

The feedback is simple: The feature runs in the background, usually neglects by device users, and gathers data from Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the device’s web browser. The program is effectively hidden from the user. So it’s hard to find if you don’t know what to look for.

In addition, it is optimized to reduce the battery life of the device. So the tracked user does not experience a significant reduction in battery life. Created by the free Viber Spy App, Viber Magazine is available for viewing and download from your AddSpy online account at any time.

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Nothing stops Viber Spy from working properly

Even if the user tries to delete the Viber message history, logs will be created and delivered to you. You have access to the exact date and time of each message, your contact list, and the files you’ve shared in the conversation. Even if they have been deleted after sending.

This is right not only for Viber but also for the WhatsApp and Facebook apps. Viber Spy for mobile browser works like this. You can see the history and downloads of tracked users, even if they use private mode.

Other features

Some other useful features that you will find in the Viber spy app are location tracking and SIM locking. If you enable location tracking. Your account has a record of all user activity and their location for the day, as well as the ability to track their current location. The SIM card lock feature notifies you if the user changes the SIM card in his device. Additionally, you can make sure that a picture of your phone’s front camera is taken every time someone opens the device.

This is done carefully and the photos taken will be sent to your account so that they are always available for viewing. Using this feature. You can get valuable information about how often your employee or child opens the device at school. So you can imagine how often they are distracts from work or school.

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There. If more than one person is using the target device. These photos can also help you find out who sent a specific message or specific phrase to Google. Lastly, if the device is stolen or misuses. There is a possibility that the intruder’s face will be photographed when the device is first opened.


The Viber spy app is ready for Android, Windows. Although this is compatible with most computers, you need to make sure that it is fully compatible with the Android phone you want to monitor.

Firstly, it must be running Android 4.0 or later, otherwise you will not be able to install and use the app. Second, some functions require the phone to be roots. Such as receiving Facebook messages. Though, most of the features, including full Viber logs, will be available on rooted devices as well.

Tracking someone’s phone is now Simple

AddSpy’s Viber Spy is a great way to track the actions of your employees or children on your smartphone. If you are concerned that your employees may be using company devices for their own purposes. Viber Spy can help clear your doubts.

If so, it will give you software to identify procrastinators and show them evidence of inappropriate behavior. And if you are a parent concerned about your child’s safety or attention at school or both. Viber Spy is an invaluable tool for tracking all your child’s smartphone activities. His intellect.

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You no longer need to report to the school. That your son is watching videos in class or call your daughter repeatedly to find out where your child is. Completely you have to do is install the Viber Spy app on your kid’s smartphone. And then utilize your account to get the latest data about your kid’s activities and locations.


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