January 23, 2023


Unveiling Angela Madatyan: Bio, Net Worth, Age & Height – All You Need To Know!

Meet Angela Madatyan, a renowned Armenian makeup artist who has worked with a galaxy of celebrities across the globe. From contouring to hair styling, she is a pro in her field who has taken the fashion world by storm. Besides making the stars sparkle on and off-screen, Angela has built a lucrative career for herself, and her work has gone well beyond beyond the glitz and glam. In this blog post, we will unveil Angela’s biography, net worth, age, height, and everything else you need to know about her.

Early Life and Education
Born and raised in Armenia, Angela developed a passion for makeup artistry at an early age. The now-famous artist started experimenting with cosmetics at the age of 17, but it wasn’t until she landed a job as a makeup artist at a local cosmetics store that she realized her true calling. With a steady income, Angela soon saved enough money to study makeup artistry and took her skills to the next level.

With her diploma in hand, Angela began to climb the ladder of success in the makeup industry. Her reputation as a makeup artist soon grew, and she began working with high-profile clients, including Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Wendy Williams. Through her work with these celebrities, Angela gained worldwide recognition as a professional makeup artist.

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Net Worth
Angela Madatyan’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Her income comes from her work as a makeup artist, brand promotion, and sales of her own line of beauty products.

Personal Life
Angela is a discreet person when it comes to her private life. However, she is married to Serdar Ortac, a Turkish pop singer. The couple has two children, one son and one daughter.

Height and Age
Angela Madatyan is 5 feet 7 inches tall and was born on September 18, 1982. Therefore, she is 38 years old.

Beauty Industry Impact
Angela Madatyan’s work as a makeup artist and a beauty conscious person has had a significant impact on the beauty industry. She has inspired many young makeup artists to pursue their dreams and become successful in the industry.

Building a Brand
Angela has used her platform to build a brand for herself. She has her own line of beauty products, and her social media presence showcases her values and her creative approach to her aesthetic.

Angela has been recognized by numerous publications, including Vogue, Allure, and Glamour magazine. She has also been awarded several accolades for her innovative work in the beauty industry.

Angela Madatyan is a successful and hardworking makeup artist who has built a lucrative career through her passion and dedication to the beauty industry. Her work has inspired many young people to pursue their dreams in the field of makeup artistry. Her lucrative career and brand make her a significant personality in the beauty industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. What is Angela Madatyan’s net worth?
A1. Angela Madatyan’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Q2. Is Angela Madatyan married?
A2. Yes, Angela Madatyan is married to Serdar Ortac, a Turkish pop singer.

Q3. How old is Angela Madatyan?
A3. Angela Madatyan was born on September 18, 1982. Therefore, she is 38 years old.

Q4. What is Angela Madatyan’s height?
A4. Angela Madatyan is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Q5. What brand does Angela Madatyan endorse?
A5. Angela Madatyan endorses her own line of beauty products.


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