February 15, 2023


“Unraveling the Mysteries: Susan Hannaford – Age, Height, Net Worth & Life Story”

Susan Hannaford is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry who has led an interesting life, filled with twists and turns. Her incredible journey, however, has raised many questions about her age, height, net worth, and life story. In this article, we will dive deep into her life and understand the mysteries surrounding Susan Hannaford.

Section 1 – Early Life:
Susan Hannaford was born on February 28, 1954, in Sydney, Australia. Her parents were both in the entertainment industry, which helped her pursue her passion for acting at a very young age. She started acting at the age of six, and by the time she was 18, she had already acted in several movies and television shows.

Section 2 – Career:
Susan rose to fame in the 70s when she starred in the Australian television series, ‘The Sullivans.’ She played the role of Kitty Sullivan, which made her a household name in Australia. She has also starred in several other TV shows and movies, including ‘Skyways’ and ‘Holiday Island.’

Section 3 – Height:
Susan Hannaford is 5’9” tall, which is considered quite tall for a woman. Her height has helped her stand out on-screen, and it has also allowed her to pursue a successful modeling career.

Section 4 – Personal Life:
Susan was married to David Hannaford, a successful businessman, and they had two children together. They later divorced, and Susan moved to the US to pursue her acting career. She has since remarried and now lives in California.

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Section 5 – Net Worth:
Susan Hannaford’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. She earned most of her fortune from her successful acting career, modeling, and also from her business ventures.

Section 6 – Business Ventures:
Susan Hannaford is not just an actress; she is also a successful businesswoman. She has her own line of skincare products, ‘Susan Hannaford Essentials,’ which she launched in 1997. She also has an online shop selling clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.

Section 7 – Philanthropy:
Susan is a philanthropist at heart and has been associated with several charities. She has actively worked with organizations that focus on breast cancer research and homelessness. She believes in giving back to society and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Section 8 – Recent Endeavors:
Susan Hannaford is still active in the entertainment industry, and she recently starred in the movie “The Lonely Italian,” which premiered in 2020. She has also been working on a new TV show called “The Susan Hannaford Show,” which is set to premiere soon.

Susan Hannaford’s life has been filled with interesting experiences, and she has accomplished a lot in her career. Despite the ups and downs, she has remained focused and has always followed her dreams. Her success, coupled with her philanthropic efforts, is an inspiration to many, and her journey is a testament to the fact that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

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Q1: What is Susan Hannaford’s height?
A1: Susan Hannaford is 5’9″ tall.

Q2: Where was Susan Hannaford born?
A2: Susan Hannaford was born in Sydney, Australia.

Q3: What is Susan Hannaford’s net worth?
A3: Susan Hannaford’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Q4: What is Susan Hannaford known for?
A4: Susan Hannaford is known for her role as Kitty Sullivan in the Australian television series, “The Sullivans.”

Q5: Is Susan Hannaford involved in any philanthropic efforts?
A5: Yes, Susan Hannaford is a philanthropist at heart and actively works with organizations that focus on breast cancer research and homelessness.


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